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Paris OG Marijuana Strain Review


Strain Overview

The Scoop: Paris OG – as Henry Miller once said, “When spring comes to Paris the humblest mortal alive must feel that he dwells in paradise.” While the strain “Paris OG” has nothing to do with the City of Lights – those fortunate souls with access to the Paris OG strain will certainly empathize with Mr. Miller’s sentiment. Like a fine Bordeaux wine, this Indica-dominant combination of Headband and Lemon OG Kush provides comforting results that encourage a restful repose and relaxed sense of being.

The Result: With lemon-infused whiffs of pine and hints of earth and pepper, Paris OG provides both psychological and physical relief. A go-to strain for the connoisseur in your smoke circle, Paris OG puts a fantastic exclamation point at the end of any day by dismissing stress and insomnia while encouraging appetites and relaxation.

 Find Paris OG and a collective near you today

Locate Paris OG at a dispensary near you today

The Verdict: Palatable and persuasive, the Paris OG strain is a prolific winner. Used in the creation of several award-winning concentrates and oils, the Paris OG strain – and its tasty derivatives – has earned an elevated reputation at local dispensaries around the country.

Strain Characteristics

Paris OG Total THC Content

Paris OG Total THC Content

Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Also Known As: Paris OG

Genetics: Headband x Lemon OG Kush

Origin: California

How Stoned Will You Get: 8

Average THC: 22-26%

Average Price Per ⅛: $50

Awards: Several

Strain Profile the

The Science: A recent Cannalysis lab test of Paris OG indicates this specific batch of flowers had a total THC content of 19.83 percent. A great strain for calming the savage beast within, this lot of Paris OG tested high in nerolidol; a secondary terpene that is thought to yield sedating effects. Powerful medicine for the aggravated multitudes, Paris OG’s primary flavor and aroma are also dictated by its other dominate terpenoids: Linalool – 1.08 mg/g, alpha-Pinene – 0.42 mg/g, and beta Pinene – 0.73 mg/g.

Paris OG Total Terpene Weight

Paris OG Total Terpene Weight

Appearance: A sparkling panorama, Paris OG’s buds glisten with ripened trichomes. Lime green and twinkling with mature trich-heads, this inspired strain produces some outrageously tight, swollen, and resinous flower. Protruding from Paris OG’s fruity-green calyxes are her dark red pistils. Layered in psychotropic trichomes and accentuated by her intertwining pistils, Paris OG almost appears like a brightly lit city. Albeit, one that’s lost in a psychedelic sea of green, orange, and burnt sienna.

Consistency: Like the city it’s named after, Paris OG tugs at your senses and draws you into its intoxicating depths. The vibe, glow, and allure of the Paris OG strain beckon to you – asking that you show her respect. Sticky, dense, and reeking to high heaven, Paris OG’s nuggets require the same consideration — these flowers deserve to be dissected by only the sharpest grinder.

Scent: Paris OG maintains an incredibly earthbound aroma. Its dizzying array of fragrances are that of a pine forest after a spring rain. Fresh but dank and a bit musky, the nerolidol terpene provides a subtle and nuanced hint of fruit and citrus. Open the jar, take a whiff, and enjoy the piney fresh scents of Paris OG.

Taste: Decadent, delicious, and ready for your smoking pleasure, hitting a joint of Paris OG is like dining along Champs-Élysées: There’s a lot to take in. Spicy hints of lemon and apples are contrasted by its earthy undertones. Delicious and smooth, the Paris OG flavor transfers nicely when extracted for dabs or oil.

Effect: Physically comforting and emotionally cleansing, the Paris OG high leans hard on the Indica side of the elevated spectrum. More relaxing than creative, this is a perfect strain for ending the drudgery of a long workday; one or two hits of some Paris OG and it’s lights out.

Strain Background: Paris OG is the direct descendant of two tasty hybrids, Headband (OG Kush x Sour Diesel) and Lemon OG Kush (Lemon Skunk x OG #18). Purportedly first cultivated in Southern California, Paris OG can be purchased easily as a flower, concentrate, or oil from many of the best dispensaries in Los Angeles.

Medical Uses: While Paris OG might not inspire Da Vinci-like creativity, one or two puffs at the end of your day will quell even the most stubborn cases of insomnia, stress, or depression.

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