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Utah Poll: Politicians and Voters Support Medical Marijuana


A new survey performed by Utahpolicy.com indicates a supermajority of “political insiders” back the legalization of medical marijuana in the Beehive State.

Cultivating Support for Medicinal Cannabis

Utah: legalization vs research

Utah: Majority of politicians and constituents believe medical marijuana should be legalized given the current evidence.

Utah’s newest gauge of opinion shows growing support for legalizing medicinal cannabis among the state’s Mormon majority, the GOP, its Democratic constituency, and the public at large – with 89 percent of participants rejecting a call for further studies.

LDS Church on Medical Marijuana

Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) have strenuously protested the legalization of medical marijuana in Utah, specifically objecting to the 2018 citizen-backed initiative that is now gathering the necessary signatures to place the measure on the November ballot.

Many Utahns fear the LDS Church could sway the opinion of Utah’s voters. Recently, leaders within the LDS Church announced their support for legislation to allow for medical marijuana research, but when it comes to legalizing the use of the medicinal herb, church elders have withheld any form of endorsement, opting instead to wait for FDA approval.

Per the new poll, support for Utah’s proposed medical marijuana initiative hit 58 percent with Republicans and 93 percent amongst Democrats.

Jon Huntsman Sr. Advocates for Medical

Jon Huntsman Sr., long considered a bastion of Mormon morality, recently issued his unequivocal support for legalizing medical marijuana in Utah. Huntsman, a four-time cancer survivor and founder of the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah, told Fox13Now in June, “I’m a very strong advocate for medical marijuana.”

While Huntsman seems to be under the misguided impression that medical marijuana is substantially different than recreational pot, his endorsement has pushed the topic to the forefront of Utah’s policy debate and cultivated strong support for medicinal cannabis within the Mormon church.

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  1. First of all the FDA doesn’t do plants, period! It looks like the LDS want what the church is afraid of. I bet the Saints win and the church will have to catch up with reality!

  2. I would like marijuana classified as a schedule 2 or 3. Then we can show the obvious benefits of it. Medical marijuana needs to be in full effect immediately!!! People need it. Big pharma will loose money over this. That’s the ONLY reason were even talking about it. Period. I’ve lived in Utah my entire life. Legalize it now!

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