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Grand Daddy Purple Marijuana Strain Review


Strain Overview

The Scoop: Grand Daddy Purple, otherwise known as GDP or Grand Daddy Purps, is an indigenous Indica-dominant strain from Northern California. A popular strain at Bay Area collectives, GDP’s influential terpene content and powerful compounds resulted in a second-place finish for “Best U.S. Indica” during a 2014 cannabis competition. A cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud, GDP’s genetics are currently being cultivated by several marijuana brands.

The Result: A West Coast classic, Grand Daddy Purple is a genetically gifted strain. While the Purple Urkle side of the equation donated her complex flavor profile of luscious grapes and sweet berries to the GDP project, Big Bud passed on its queen-sized bud structure.  

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The Verdict: A thoroughly psychotropic strain, GDP’s medicinal compounds benefit the work-weary psyche and the exploited body. Grand Daddy Purps has been reported to replace mental and physical angst with a euphoric sense of well-being and a welcome respite from physical pain.

Strain Characteristics

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Also Known As: Grand Daddy Purps / GDP

Genetics: Purple Urkle x Big Bud

Origin: California

How Stoned Will You Get: 7.5

Average THC: 18-20%

Average Price Per ⅛: $27

Awards: 2014 Best U.S. Indica

Strain Profile

The Science: A statistical analysis by Steep Hill / Halent of GDP’s test results indicates the average potency of GDP hovers between 17 and 23 percent THC. A noteworthy take away from the included test results is the overall CBG content – 0.16-0.8 percent. A known neuroprotectant, the CBG cannabinoid has been accredited with being beneficial for a host of other ailments. Directly influencing the strain’s overall flavor and aroma profile, the following terpenoid ranges were found to be most prevalent in GDP samples tested: Linalool – 0.05-0.1%, β Myrcene – 0.3-1.6%, α Pinene – .04-0.5%, D-Limonene – 0-0.2%, and β Caryophyllene – 0-0.5%.

Grand Daddy Purple Test results

Grand Daddy Purple average cannabinoid and terpene content

Appearance: These dense, cylindrical, well-manicured nugs are dark purple and covered with peach pistils. Producing voluminous piles of potential bong rips from their ping-pong ball sized buds, GDP’s flower fluffs up nicely. Caked with crystals, Grand Daddy Purple’s dusted calyxes are drenched in a shimmering coat of THC.

Consistency: GDP is an incredibly tacky strain. When dissected manually for consumption, it’s nearly impossible not to waste some of its valuable compounds. Encased in ripened trichomes, the bud breaks into dank little balls of goo when shredded by hand. While fine for bong hits, a grinder is highly recommended to roll a good joint of GDP. Even then, this will take some time, patience, and effort thanks to the greasy makeup of this tasty herb.

Scent: Grand Daddy Purple smells like a grape-infused aphrodisiac. Tantalizing and alluring at first whiff, the aroma hits the olfactory immediately causing the mouth to salivate. This grape aroma is rivaled only by its sweet and creamy scent, similar to that of a grape soda. With a smell that’s hard to hide, we strongly suggest the use of some smell-proof storage bags when stashing your supplies around the house.

Taste: The sweet taste of grapes and berries hits the tongue immediately, cleansing the palate like a THC-infused, grape flavored gum. This fruit flavored extravaganza is followed by a sweet, cream soda flavor that’s unique and refreshing. Strong undertones of skunk can be tasted as well. While the initial inhale is grape cola, the exhale is skunked-out and piney. Bottom line, these colorful and pungent flowers are sure to make fans of any purple skeptics still remaining.

Effect: GDP has intense Indica effects that relax the mind, as well as the body. A euphoric state of mind is complemented by the therapeutic nature of GDP. Zenned out, peaceful, and content — if not a bit lethargic — a few well-timed tokes and it’s lights out until morning. This recreational herb with a medicinal kick is practically guaranteed to help wash away the day’s stressful events and is probably best enjoyed as a nightcap.

Strain Background: First discovered and cultivated by Ken Estes of Grand Daddy Purple in 2003, this inspired cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud has resulted in several phenotypes. Awarded 2nd place at the Denver 2014 HTCC for Best U.S. Indica, GDP hits full maturation 60 days after flowering begins and can be found at medical and recreational dispensaries across the country.

Medical Uses: A therapeutic evening strain, Grand Daddy Purple cleanses the mind of the day’s stressful events, allowing the brain to downshift into neutral. No longer over revved in the mental “fast lane,” the mind decompresses for a restful night’s sleep. Also great at stimulating the nonexisting appetite, GDP enjoys the lofty reputation for helping those suffering from a case of food disinterest.

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