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How to Roll a Corn Husk Blunt for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is almost here, so it’s time to get corny!


I don’t know about you, but I always get excited when I hear about a new, inventive way to roll a blunt. From palm leaves to hemp leaves and now corn husks, the creative stoners in the blunt-wrap industry are constantly finding new materials to roll with.

Since it’s fall and Thanksgiving is upon us, I figured we would get into the spirit and try out these corn husk blunt wraps from T.Ras Rolling Co.

As most of us know but like to ignore, traditional tobacco blunt wraps can be soaked with a hazardous cocktail of pesticides and chemicals. The family behind T.Ras aimed to produce a wrap that was all-natural, untreated, and unprocessed — just like our ancestors would have smoked on the first Thanksgiving.


Step 1: The Flower

Pick your buds from your favorite dispensary and start grinding them up by hand. You’re looking for a blunt-consistency which is a bit chunkier or coarser than what would come out of your standard herb grinder.


Step 2: Moist and Tender

Moisten the wrap so it’s a little more malleable. You can use either the small mister provided with the wraps or the old school way with some saliva.


Step 3: The Stuffing

Stuff ‘er full! Check your wrap for whichever side is thinnest, you’ll want to roll thin side up. Some of these wraps can end up being pretty large, but you can always rip/cut off some paper to adjust the girth of your blunt. If you do choose to adjust the size, remove material from the thick side of the wrap.


Step 4: Don’t Forget the Rolls

Tuck and roll! Compact the fluffy herb down into the wrap. Make sure to leave some room for the crutch with your thumb.


Step 5: The Hard Part

Fold and roll the crutch paper that comes included with the T.Ras wraps. Place the crutch in one end of the blunt and hold in place as you get ready to seal.


Step 6: Not Too Much Gravy

Using your saliva or the vegetable glue provided with the wraps, moisten the thin side of the paper. 


Step 7: Seal and Serve Dry

Tuck the side closest to you over the crutch, rolling the rest of the paper along with it. Gently work your way down the blunt and seal by pressing with medium pressure until the glue has dried.



Step 8: Make Room for Dessert

Light it up and enjoy! I was really impressed with how smooth she smoked — a nice, clean taste and an even burn, no canoeing! Now go get corny and tag us @marijuanadotcom in your photos on InstagramTwitter or Facebook for a chance to be featured next month!


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