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Las Vegas Collective Opens First Marijuana Drive-Thru in Nevada


On Friday, residents of Las Vegas will be able to purchase their next eighth of Skywalker OG from the valley’s first drive-thru dispensary.

Because it’s either blazing hot or freezing cold, Las Vegas residents love the convenience of a great drive-thru. From cheesy wedding chapels to huts with overpriced cups of coffee, this user-friendly business model makes life comfortable in the climatically challenged city.

Regardless of today’s temperature, beginning at lunchtime, marijuana customers in the Las Vegas Valley can purchase their next sack of Sin City chronic without leaving the comfort of their car.

Close to downtown Las Vegas, Nuwu “will open the one-lane drive-thru to the public at noon,” according to Las Vegas Sun.

Located on Paiute tribe land at 1235 Paiute Circle, Nuwu’s drive-thru dispensary window is all “about speed and convenience,” according to the chairman of the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe, Benny Tso.

Nevada’s first drive-thru dispensary, Nuwu is purportedly the largest cannabis market in the United States with just over 10,000 ft.² of retail space.

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  1. well, this tribe can’t make any money in gaming with the competition so why not get into the business…if they could get rid of the extra taxes like they do with the cigarettes, you will have a huge leg up on the competition.

  2. My nephew, a cop, tells me the only “gateway” marijuana provides is a “gateway” for the cops to search your car if they smell grass during a traffic stop. I’m from Long Beach too, and although I don’t do the surfing so much, I’m 79 and started smoking pot 51 years ago at 28 – 1966, just as the hippy movement started up. Smoked, or now vaped, it daily entire time (save for 3 weeks in Indonesia in the 1990’s). Traveled all over the world, 15 countries, 30 or 40 trips, always carried it with me and had no trouble. Didn’t seem to affect my brain/health as I started two successful & substantial companies over the years I later sold, and I seem perfectly fit today. I must confess however, unlike Monterey Bud, I DID do all the other drugs requisite for hippies back in the day.

  3. “Speed and Conveniece …” — struck me as funny, convenience and herb I get, but “speed” and pot? Lol. That may be the slowest drive-thru in the state. Lmao! Great article. Way cool times.

  4. Went to this place last night at 5 pm and the drive through had about three or four cars so it wasn’t bogged down. Inside had a very large variety of products to offer but since they’re recreational only and not medicinal, the prices were not much of a bargain. Although it’s on a section of Native American land, there’s still a state law prohibiting consumption in public (note: Paiute Indian Police Department is a couple hundred feet behind the dispensary). Hopefully one day Nevada will provide our visitors a place to indulge.

    Overall, it’s close to downtown and the selection is impressive. If you are a cardholder, don’t bother as you’ll pay more for the same product. If you are not a cardholder, this place is a decent choice for you.

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