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Review of CBD Studies Indicates Cannabinoid’s Antipsychotic Effects


Performed in the Netherlands, a review of existing research on Cannabidiol – aka, the CBD cannabinoid found in marijuana – has underscored the compound’s efficacy as an antipsychotic medication.

In another victory for Cannabidiol, the recent review of existing research has determined the CBD cannabinoid found in cannabis is more effective at reducing psychotic episodes than currently prescribed pharmaceuticals with fewer side effects.

Schizophrenia affects approximately 3.5 million people in the U.S. and typically begins in early childhood, usually afflicting those between the ages of 15 and 25. Males historically succumb to schizophrenia at a slightly earlier age than females. While symptoms of schizophrenia are first detectable in men between the age of 16 and 25, the average female afflicted with schizophrenia realize their symptoms several years later, with an elevated incidence in women over 30. 

CBD’s Antipsychotic Effects

The studies reviewed by forensic psychologist Lillian Kloft and published in the Maastricht Student Journal of Psychology & Neuroscience offer pragmatic support for the antipsychotic effects of the CBD cannabinoid.

For the review, Kloft examined the accumulated research from “experimental” and “non-clinical studies,” which examined the effectiveness of the CBD cannabinoid on schizophrenia. The  reviewed studies were primarily based on “animal models of psychosis, human experimental studies, neuroimaging studies, epidemiological studies, and clinical studies.”

After first noting the CBD cannabinoid warrants “long-term, large-scale, randomized clinical trials,” Kloft’s review of the existing research concluded; “The preclinical and clinical studies discussed in this review provide promising initial support for CBD as an effective and safe antipsychotic compound. Preliminary evidence points to high tolerability, superior cost-effectiveness, and a promising side effect profile, suggesting an attractive alternative to current antipsychotic treatment.”

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    I too a 50 year old male I started smoking weed when I was 8 years old naturly behind my parents back , outside of some curves thrown into my life that prohibited smoking weed such as the United States Army and driving Truck because DOT is strongly against it when they shouldn’t be because weed relaxes you but you are aware of what’s going on it would be beneficial for DOT to regulate and allow pot smoking for truck drivers not so much when they are driving but as they’re log book time is over and it’s time to pull over and get some rest a good blunt or a bowl of weed would help them sleep more soundly which in turn generates more miles because they wouldn’t be as tired due to a good night’s rest I myself drank high energy drinks such as high caffeine coffee energy drinks like monster or others to keep me going because I didn’t get a good rest due to noisy trucks idling there engines or reefer trucks and they’re refrigerator motor turning on and off or just plain out stress that every truck driver has be it missing they’re loved ones to making the schedule drop or hook or delivery I myself would hit every bar or tavern anywhere in this great country drinking my stress away that’s not a good option what if your dispatcher calls and says your load has to be delivered earlier then schedule you wouldn’t have the time to get sober enough to drive 18 wheels is a lot of wheels to navigate down the highway I always limited myself to no more than 3 beers no whiskey but the stress still was there missing my children my girlfriend at the time we were together for 8 years but our ways we had to part anyway back to weed if I would of been aloud to burn a blunt or take a couple bong hits I would of never looked for bars or taverns I would of been relaxed and content sitting there or falling asleep for the next days journeys the same goes for the United States Army although it’s a government run outfit if I would of been able to take a couple bong hits after the days work I would of never can’t say I wouldn’t of but not so much drinking that occurred during my time in the military I entered regular army 2 days before my 21st birthday hog boy did I let loose my comrades would entice me to drink so I did and oh boy did I drink except when I’m high off weed I drink like a fish to this day if I can’t find weed or have someone get me high I drink thanks to the memories of what started me outside of my 3 beers after driving 7 or 800 miles in one day I drank to much so to speak back to weed if I would be able to walk into a store and buy weed would i buy alcohol probably not just depends the situation such as a family reunion or a party of some sort i believe marijuana is the cure for a lot of things pain is proven along with schizophrenia from which i am or have there are so many uses for the marijuana plant it is the Godly Plant and ive always believed “Man made alcohol God made marijuana WHO DO YOU TRUST” MYSELF I trust GOD
    James Lee Berry
    December 1 2017

  2. I just recently quit smoking THC marijuana i discovered that after smoking a joint I would have a little seizur or uncontrollable shaking until I had a grand mal seizure one night after smoking a joint with my girlfriend. It seemed that everytime I smoked a joint it would happen. But if i could vape a little bit of CBD in my puffer vape or a couple of drops of the tinksure I could stop it before it got to out of control.

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