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Sour Tangie Marijuana Strain Review


Strain Overview

The Scoop: Sour Tangie is an award-winning cross of East Coast Sour Diesel x Tangie. First cultivated by Amsterdam’s DNA Genetics, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is guaranteed to be one of the more intriguing strains you’ll encounter at your local dispensary. Flavorful and potent, she tastes just like the name suggests – like a bouquet of premature tangerines with a hint of pepper-infused diesel. A great strain for making extracts, the unique terpene profile found in Sour Tangie transfers effortlessly when creating your favorite form of concentrate.

The Result: Sour Tangie instills an elevated sense of creativity and a therapeutic mindset after the first few hits. Relieved of daily mundane worries, the mind is freed to drift and contemplate the known universe. Known for her creative, giddy-like high, this sweet and sour strain leaves the average individual feeling overwhelmed with positive energy and happy thoughts.

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Search for Sour Tangie on Weedmaps today

The Verdict: Like having a smokable apéritif, Sour Tangie cleanses the palate and stimulates the repressed appetite before any meal. Her flavor is pure and crisp with an extremely invigorating high. Originally a byproduct of the Netherlands, this distinctive strain is recognized throughout the world of cannabis cultivation for her profound potency and flavor.

Sour Tangie Potency Profile

Sour Tangie potency profile

Strain Characteristics

Type: Sativa Dominant – 80/20

Also Known As: Sour Tang

Genetics: East Coast Sour Diesel x Tangie

Origin: Amsterdam

How Stoned Will You Get: 8

Average THC: 19-21%

Average Price Per ⅛: $40

Awards: 1st Place for Hybrid

Strain Profile

The Science: A 2017 lab test of Sour Tangie indicates these specific flowers had a total THC content of 21.59 percent, which included 0.28 percent of activated THC and 21.31 percent of THCa. The complete CBD profile of Sour Tangie shows this batch had a total CBD content of 0.12 percent. Meanwhile, back on the flavor and scent front, directing its overall essence, the following terpenes were found to be most dominant: Terpinolene – 6.47 mg/g, beta-Myrcene – 2.93 mg/g, and d-Limonene – 1.16 mg/g.

Appearance:  A properly cultivated batch of Sour Tangie looks like purple fireballs — medium sized blazing hues of fuchsia colored calyx splashed with a dash of olive green. Capable of displaying two distinct phenotypes at full maturation, both the Sour Diesel and Tangie will stretch profusely as they enter the flowering stage.

Consistency: A tacky and tenacious undertaking, dissecting the nug structure of Sour Tangie manually requires a certain level of individual patience. Seemingly drenched in her terpenes and cannabinoids, a sharp pair of scissors or grinder is highly recommended when breaking apart this colorful flower for consumption.

Scent: Sour Tangie maintains the uniquely acrid aroma profile of citrus, sour-earth, and just a hint of diesel. A flavorful treat during the holiday season, an eighth of Sour Tangie would make the perfect stocking stuffer for those 420-fans in your smoke circle.

Taste: Sour Tangie maintains the unique taste of sour-earth and citrus on the initial inhale and offers hints of a zesty diesel flavor on the exhale. Her deep tartness and savory tang have made this a go-to strain for today’s extract artists.

Effect: Ready to provide a gleeful and innovative outlook, Sour Tangie is a motivational strain that sparks the creative fire — helping individuals like myself wax poetic as November peels open to reveal a crisp December.

Strain Background: Sour Tangie was first cultivated by Amsterdam’s DNA Genetics when they took their East Coast Sour Diesel and dusted her with pollen from the male Tangie, bringing you this super potent cross of two delicious strains. She is great for morning or to keep you going in the afternoon as her potency rivals that of a strong cup of coffee.

Medical Uses: A motivational strain, Sour Tangie helps manage those daily encounters with apprehension, desolation, lethargy, and joint-related discomfort.

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