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25 Most Popular Cannabis Strains Across North America in November


Online search results for Forbidden Fruit, Blackberry Kush, and Durban Poison indicate they were but a few of the consistently searched strains for the month of November.

As we collectively recuperate from the traditional Thanksgiving Day feast and prepare for the Season of Giving, North America’s 2017 outdoor harvest season is officially over. And with several states projected to fire up their recreational sales in 2018, many anticipate the retail price of marijuana will increase as we head into the new year.

November’s price for those strains holding the top five positions has recovered nicely from October’s seasonal surplus. During November, Blue Dream’s price jumped $2 per eighth, Gorilla Glue #4 collected an additional $4 per eighth, Girl Scout Cookies price bolted by $3 per eighth, and Sour Diesel raked in an additional $5 per eighth. Meanwhile, Forbidden Fruit leaped eight positions and witnessed an incremental increase of $1 per eighth.

Also showing elevated search results on the top 25 list over the past 30 days, Wedding Cake, Purple Punch, and Super Lemon Haze clawed their way up a few positions to secure their elevated place on November’s list of most popular strains.

Gathered from millions of data points and measured via online engagements by Weedmaps,  November’s compilation of North America’s most searched strains provides a comprehensive overview of the industry’s most popular strains and their related price points.

During November, the average price for one of North America’s top 25 strains was approximately $37.88 per eighth, which was up $3.38 from October’s average retail price per eighth of $34.50.

top 25 strains of november

The 25 most searched marijuana strains in North America, November 2017.

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