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Canna Claus Survival Guide: Buds, Dabs, and Oils for Christmas 2017


Canna Claus will be busy packing mom and dad’s stockings with something new this year on Christmas Eve, sparking joy with the gift of marijuana and her intoxicating derivatives.

Marijuana dispensaries in Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Washington State will most likely witness their average per-person sales increase by double digits the week before Christmas. With marijuana now legal in several new states, Christmas 2017 will represent the first year some shoppers (Hi, Nevada!) can legally purchase their favorite strains, extracts, and cannabinoid-rich oils at their local dispensary.

The fact that marijuana sales traditionally escalate during the holiday season should surprise few. In today’s hectic, fast-paced world, people are generally over-stimulated and in need of a mental reprieve this time of year. And while some in the global smoke circle are perpetually on the big man’s “naughty list,” the suggested gifts offer some guidance for the rest of those 420-enthusiast still on Canna Claus’ good side.

Canna Claus Survival Guide

DaVinci OG Marijuana strain

DaVinci OG by Ghost Grow

Though Christmas during Leonardo’s time would have been an altogether darker experience, his namesake Indica strain provides a high-THC bridge between the old-school OGs of the late ‘80s and today’s modern cultivation techniques. Organically grown and meticulously manicured, gifting a bouquet of these flowers on Christmas Day will, no doubt, help elevate the holiday spirit. The fine art of cannabis, DaVinci OG maxes out in the high 20 percentile for THC and has a boutique, seasonal appeal.  

   Nameless Genetics' ectarine Live Resin

Nectarine Live Resin by Nameless Genetics

Terpene rich and ready to celebrate The Season of Giving, Nectarine Live Resin makes the perfect stocking stuffer for those with a high tolerance … and even higher standards. A premium live resin with an intoxicating hit, just one or two dabs will lighten the mood and stimulate the appetite come Christmas dinner.

Gorilla Glue #4 by Matrix NV

GG4 by Matrix NV

Formerly referred to as Gorilla Glue #4, GG4 by Matrix is a delicious hybrid treat of Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb. Ideal for fans of Sativa-dominant strains, GG4 comes shrouded in a snow-like dusting of highly active trichomes and enjoys an average THC range of approximately 24-27 percent.  

Focus CBD Vape Pen

Select CBD Blends

Providing a heightened sense of ingenuity, insight, and acumen for any toker on your Christmas shopping list, Select CBD Vape Pens also provide an effective, non-intoxicating means of relaxing – without pharmaceuticals. Promoting mental clarity and a relaxed psyche, Select CBD Pens offer a portable and discreet means of medicating while out and about.

OG Wonder Kush

OG Wonder Kush by WonderBrett

OG Wonder Kush is a superhero strain for those suffering from anxiety, nausea, muscle aches, or insomnia during this holiday season. Another Indica-dominant strain, this meticulously cultivated Kush typically tests between 20-25 percent for THC. A psychotropic stocking stuffer for the connoisseur in your extended family, an eighth of OG Wonder Kush keeps the Christmas spirit alive long after the gifts have been opened.

 Cali Born Dreams' Pure CBD Isolate

Pure CBD Isolate by Cali Born Dreams

Give the gift of effectual pain relief this holiday season with CBD Isolates from Cali Born Dreams. Ninety-nine percent pure, nonpsychoactive, and offering its consumer no residual anxiety or hangover, these CBD Isolates from Cali Born Dreams stimulate the appetite, reduce muscle stiffness, and let you start any morning off on a good note. This is another great product for the elderly toker in your smoke circle.


Harlequin by Chalice Farms

Harlequin by Chalice Farms is an incredibly relaxing strain that typically expresses a 5:2 ratio of CBD:THC. Powerful medicine with an appetizing flavor profile, the synergistic effect of this strain’s collective cannabinoids treat chronic pain without cultivating any unwanted anxiety. A Christmas miracle for loved ones suffering from certain forms of epilepsy, Harlequin is a cross between a Swiss landrace strain, Thai, and a Colombian Gold.

Gastown's Platinum Bubba Kush

Platinum Bubba Kush by Gastown

Platinum Bubba Kush – aka, PBK – is an 80:20 Indica that’s as famous for its “platinum” punch as her floral terpenes. Great for those with an elevated tolerance, PBK’s THC level typically hovers around 25 percent. A Christmastime treat, PBK’s pine-green flowers dusted with a thick glaze of trichome crystals are guaranteed to turn any West Coast celebration of the holidays into a merry white Christmas.

West Coast Cure: Hardcore OG vape Cartridge

Hardcore OG Cartridge by West Coast Cure

Holiday travelers rejoice, these Hardcore OG Cartridges help remove some of the anxious edge experienced during the Christmas season. Whether you’re flying high or traveling America’s highways and byways for Festivus (Let the “feats of strength” begin) or Hanukkah – also known as the Festival of Lights – these Hardcore OG loaded cartridges travel discreetly and can be enjoyed in certain designated smoking areas, in legal states.

 Paris OG's French Aloha

French Aloha by Paris OG

A fine Sativa on Christmas; tis the season for joyful gatherings and festive flowers. Shopping for those 420-friends seeking a religious experience on Christmas morning can be a daunting task. But thanks to French Aloha by Paris OG, this Hawaiian descendant of the Pakalolo strain is here to help. Known to spark creative musings and interesting conversations, French Aloha is the perfect strain for those looking for a uniquely social experience. A relatively high-THC strain, French Aloha typically test between 25-27 percent for the psychoactive cannabinoid.

As Kush-mas 2017 rapidly approaches, let us spread plenty of cheer, goodwill, and smoke during The Season of Giving.

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