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Lit Gifts for the Weed Lover in Your Life


As the holiday season of 2017 permeates the air with good cheer and dances of sugar plums, you may find yourself on a search for the best presents for your favorite friends and family members … the ones who love to smoke weed. ‘Tis the season to be jolly and since few things make folks jollier than marijuana, you will need gifts that make your cannabis lifestyle more lit than a menorah on the last night of Hanukkah. This curation of items offers a little something for everyone, as wonderfully diverse as the cannabis community itself. So give your loved ones the gift of the lit-life with items specially picked to make your holidaze the best one yet!

lemon tree t-shirt

Lemon Life “Lemon Tree Splat Baseball T-Shirt”

Sport the Lemon Life lifestyle with their Lemon Tree Splat Baseball T-Shirt. This Tee is sure to make a splash wherever you wear it and is perfect for lady and gentleman stoners alike.

c-vault storage

CVault “Medium Humidity Controlled Storage Container”

Preserve the freshness of your buds with this food grade, stainless steel, airtight container by CVault. The medium container can hold up to 24 grams of product and offers humidity control with its built-in humidity package holder.  


Broccoli “Free Magazine Created by and for Women That Love Weed”

Take a peek into the world of power-puff girls with Broccoli Magazine, a free publication dedicated to women in cannabis. Their pages feature anything and everything from art and industry to smoking nuns! That’s right, “nuns” smoke weed, too … sometimes.


wow cbd candle

Wow Candles “Wax on Wax Candles”

For a gift that gives the “WOW” factor, pick up Wax On Wax, a multipurpose cannabis-infused candle. Lighting the candle decarboxylates the THC and melts into a luxurious massage oil that soothes pain while keeping your mind completely intact.

cannabis choker

Miss Mary Jane Co. “Cannabis Couture Velvet Choker”

Miss Mary Jane Co. takes statement jewelry to a new level with their Cannabis Couture Velvet Choker. Showcase your love for the sweet leaf with this bold, velvet choker, offered in Baby Blue, Salmon, Maroon, and Black.

jungmaven hemp bedding

Jungmaven “100% Hemp Bedding”

Roll up each night in a sheet of hemp, just like your favorite joints and blunts. Cozy up and get a good night’s rest with Jungmaven’s 100% Hemp bedding.

the stoner's coloring book

 “The Stoner’s Coloring Book: Coloring for High Minded Adults”

Break out the markers and colored pencils for The Stoner’s Coloring Book: Coloring for High Minded Adults. Art therapy is a real thing, and when combined with the psychoactive effects of THC, you’re sure to enjoy every moment.

hemp yoga bag

Vital Hemp “100% Hemp Yoga Bag”

Store and carry your yoga mat around in style with Vital Hemp’s 100% Hemp Yoga Bag. This bag is lightweight, durable, and the hemp material allows your yoga mat to breathe, evaporating moisture and neutralizing odors.

hemp shorts

Patagonia “Men’s Back Step Shorts”

Patagonia offers super comfy, go-anywhere shorts, made with 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Their men’s Back Step Shorts have a 10-inch inseam and come in two colors — Ash Tan and Feather Gray.

hazo rolling papers
Hazo “Unbleached Rolling Papers”

Brun some, plant some! Hazo is a rolling paper company with a cause. For each pack of unbleached hemp rolling papers purchased, Hazo plants a tree in Madagascar. Roll up your buds with Hazo and enjoy the euphoria of cannabis with the self-satisfaction of making the world just a bit greener.

cookies rolling tray

Cookies “Rolling Tray 2.0 w/ Removeable Tray”

Never lose or drop any little nuggets of flower again! With Cookies Rolling Tray 2.0 you can roll blunts with style and ease. Fill the small detachable side with freshly broken or ground up flowers then use the larger piece as a surface to secure your nugs inside your favorite wrap.

weedmaps clothing

Weedmaps “Making History Tee”

As the shackles of prohibition slowly come loose, demonstrate your support for progress with the Weedmaps “Making History Tee.” This powerful message printed on a comfy tee is available in Men and Women sizes.

Selections by staff, words by Allena Braithwaite

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