Maryland Dispensaries Are Open for Business But Low on Products

Maryland Dispensaries Open For Business; Run Low On Products

Maryland officially rolled out their first medical marijuana sales last week, but for some dispensary owners and their cash-strapped patients, the euphoric feeling was short-lived.

Last Friday, after nearly five years of political infighting and bureaucratic delays, an excited crowd of qualified patients queued up outside Maryland’s first medical marijuana dispensary in Rockville.  

Referred to as a “soft opening” by The Washington Post, the state’s long-delayed medical marijuana program will ultimately have 10 dispensaries when fully operational. Per the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC), the 10 licensed dispensaries will be:

As dictated by the MMCC, a qualified patient must obtain their medical cannabis from licensed dispensaries – and those dispensaries can only purchase their cannabinoid-rich products from Maryland’s licensed growers.

Cognizant this closed loop seed-to-sale system initially creates a potential bottleneck in the state’s supply chain, the MMCC noted on their FAQ page that Maryland’s dispensaries will be building up their collective inventories over “the next few months.”

Allegany Medical currently charges $680 for an ounce of medical marijuana. With prices artificially inflated by the state’s lack of supply, Allegany’s manager, Sajal Roy, told the Post he expects prices to drop significantly in the next few months.

But until then, prices could remain unnaturally high due to a lack of supply.

Photo courtesy of Allie Beckett