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Oklahoma Gov Says Medical Marijuana Vote Coming in 2018


A vote deciding the fate of Oklahoma’s medical marijuana initiative – better known as State Question 788 – will occur on or before November 2018.

Announced via the Governor’s Facebook and Twitter account, Gov. Mary Fallin revealed her intention to place the already-qualified initiative before Oklahoma’s voters during the June primary or the general election in November.

A long time coming, Oklahoma’s medical marijuana initiative initially gathered the prerequisite number of certified signatures by September 2016. After a protracted court battle and ruling by the state’s highest court, Gov. Mary Fallin said she plans to set an election date for the medical marijuana vote after we collectively welcome the new year.

State Question 788, if approved by the voters, would legalize medical marijuana consumption for Oklahoma’s qualified patients under the following criteria:

  • Oklahoma medical marijuana applicant must be 18 or older — special exemptions for minors can be granted
  • Oklahoma medical marijuana patients may not possess more than 3 ounces of medicinal cannabis
  • Oklahoma medical marijuana patients would be allowed to cultivate no more than six mature plants and six seedlings
  • Oklahoma medical marijuana patients would be allowed to possess 1 ounce of marijuana concentrates
  • Oklahoma medical marijuana patients would be allowed to possess 8 ounces of marijuana in their residence

While the passage of SQ 788 would represent quantifiable progress for the sick and suffering in the Sooner State, there are some limitations. individuals caught in possession of more than 1 ½ ounces of the medicinal herb, without their medical marijuana license, will face a misdemeanor offense and a $400 fine.

Oklahoma’s reason for hope is captured in a 2013 poll. Conducted over four years ago, the SoonerPoll indicated 71 percent of those surveyed support the idea of legalizing medical marijuana — a trend that has no doubt only increased over time.

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  1. Can anyone help me I’m from California I got pulled over on 40 in Canadian County with 2 pounds of my medicine nowhere close to being a drug dealer or anything in that order Never done any other drugs don’t drink or smoke cigarettes never in my life have I felt violated or mistreated is there anybody out there that knows any type of laws or what I should do I am a script holder in Arkansas where I currently live and right now we have nowhere to get our medicine until May of this year if there’s anybody out there that can help me I’m a father I’m a husband I’m a hard-working citizen just need a little help

  2. Patrick Bulley on

    I have back and both legs ache constantly. Skale of 1-10,10 being the highest. I take Norco for the pain its like taking aspirin. Had VA doctor was going to put me on something stronger, to me at the time seemed fine. I hate the iideal on taking pills and before I know it I’m going to feel like I need a pill to move. I don’t smoke but 2 times a month if that much,but when I do I feel no pay no depression that set in with the cause of having to bare with the pain day and night.I hope the marijuana law pass. I’m full blood Indian, to get to use some of my old ancestors traditions not only for ceremony purposes most of all health reason.

    PILLS 000%

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