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President Trump May Help American MMJ Patient Avoid Life in Bali Prison


An American is facing a life or death scenario on the Indonesian island of Bali after being caught with 0.7 grams of marijuana over the 5-gram trafficking limit. After reportedly seeing the story on Fox News, President Trump is considering intervening to get 32-year-old Christian Beasley free from an Indonesian prison, where he’s already faced grave danger.

In November, Trump intervened on behalf of three UCLA basketball players arrested for shoplifting in China.

Beasley, who was recaptured after escaping custody at the Kerobokan penitentiary in Bali’s capital, first faced arrest in August when he attempted to pick up a package at the post office containing 5.7 grams of hashish. Beasley could be punished with four years to life in prison.

Indonesian authorities want him tried for trafficking, a far more serious charge than possession or use in the country, where cannabis is a category 1 drug alongside heroin and cocaine.

A verdict in Beasley’s case was due last Tuesday, but the California-native had escaped the prison the previous day, setting off a chain of events that read more like an action movie plot than a petty cannabis possession case.

Along with another prisoner who was caught during the escape, Beasley sawed through the roof of his cell during a downpour of rain before scaling a 20-foot-tall wall to reach the outside world. After fleeing the prison, Beasley hitchhiked a ride with a motorcyclist to Ubud, where he hid in the bushes outside a museum until nightfall. Once the coast was clear, the escapee secured a car to Padang Bay port, at which point a speedboat transported him to Lombok, where he was ultimately apprehended while in an alleyway near the beach.

Beasley desperately pleaded with press at a news conference Wednesday at the Badung police station to hear his side of the story, offering that he is a licensed medical marijuana patient at home and he only escaped prison because he had reason to believe he would be killed for not being able to pay the under-the-table protection from inmates who threatened his life and beat him up.

As the press conference ended and Beasley was being escorted back to lockup, he yelled to reporters, “I need help, I really need help … Please help me, please help me. In my country (it) is not a crime use ganja (marijuana).”

Senior Trump administration officials stated to Fox News that the president had seen the news reports about Beasley and wanted more information from Indonesian officials about “the charges and conditions of Beasley’s continued captivity.”

Beasley is facing such serious trafficking charges because in Indonesia, offenders who test positive for a drug are considered users or “addicts” while those without traces of the respective drug in their body are assumed to be traffickers.

He was discovered in Lombok by authorities after attempting to reach out to his mother and sister via email.

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  1. This world is run by psychopaths and sycophants! People on this planet are disgusting and cruel, but it’s ok to the slaves, because the monsters that have the power are government… This species deserves it’s extinction. Every last one of us.

  2. Legalize420FreedomFighter on

    You are in my prayers for a safe return. I congratulate you for escaping and I WISH I could be there when you come home.

    These sick F**** holding you and to Xnukie and anyone else who applauses this, your all sick careless f**** who have no soul. I hope you all drop dead. I had respect for Hawaii, until I read Xunkie’s reply.

    Stay strong man, if I could, I’d safely ship you your meds. This is like Midnight Express all over again. Scares me. As a MMJ user myself, I can’t imagine. F*** these Indonesian bastids.

    THIS is why we need cannabis reform ASAP. GOOD PEOPLE getting tortured for something that shouldn’t be a crime. OVER A HARMLESS PLANT….

    Give me your addy Xnukie if you think he deserves this. I’ll find a way to give you a taste you sick SOB.


    Blaze420 aka Mason

  3. Legalize420FreedomFighter on

    Just want to add, despite the end of my comment to not be serious, my dislike and pain I feel when I hear of others or anyone suffering is quite serious and is not sarcastic like my initial post.

    I really hope Trump takes interest in this and takes action. I have a feeling they might not, or they may drag their feet. I really hope the best as I honestly am only here because of my medication. It’s changed and saved my life and for someone to face death over getting some mailed is way over the line.

    Please, everyone, it’s Christmas, let’s give this poor man our best wishes. He needs them, and is obviously being tortured and beaten. OneLove, Peace, and Safe Return to you sir. ✌

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