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25 Most Popular Cannabis Strains Across North America in December


During the Season of Giving, it was Alien OG, Tahoe OG, and Animal Cookies that inflamed the enthusiasm of online consumers – making them some of North America’s most searched strains in December

While California finally unleashed the economic forces of retail marijuana sales on Jan. 1, 2018, Nevada became the fourth state to roll out their recreational marijuana sales on midnight July 1. Great news for recreational consumers in both states, the retail marijuana price index for an eighth of state-sanctioned marijuana is anticipated to vacillate upwards in 2018, based on supply and demand as well as state-imposed taxes.

As California’s retail marijuana consumers enjoy a bold new shopping experience, and perhaps some lofty taxes, many of the strains holding top positions on the Top 25 Most Popular Strains list for December succumbed to pricing pressures. Up $4.65 from November’s average price per eighth, Blue Dream had an average per eighth price of $38.65 in December. Also under supply and demand pressures during the festive month, Girl Scout Cookies witnessed a price jump of $7.25 per eighth, while Forbidden Fruit increased its average price per eight by $8.75.

The biggest jump in online search queries for the month December went to Alien OG. After bolting 11 positions, the galactic strain landed in the 25th slot, just behind Blackberry Kush and Durban Poison.

Gleaned by Weedmaps, the below summary of North America’s millions of online marijuana queries provides guidance for those dispensaries in search of trending strains, as well as their average retail price per eighth.

Typically high during the Christmas season, the average price for one of North America’s top 25 strains hit approximately $38.31 for the last month of 2017 — a decrease of $1.19 compared to December 2016.

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