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New Hampshire House Voted to Legalize Marijuana


The New Hampshire House of Representatives embraced adult-use marijuana legalization Tuesday and passed HB 656 with a 207-139 vote.

After officially legalizing medical marijuana in 2013 and decriminalizing the personal possession of small amounts in September 2017, today’s vote to legalize recreational marijuana represents enlightened progress for those residents living in the Granite State.

Originally scheduled for a House vote Wednesday, Tuesday’s passage of HB 656 allows New Hampshire to join Massachusetts and Maine (hopefully) as recreational states in the New England region.

Amended by the House to eliminate retail sales, if passed by the Senate and signed by the governor, residents of New Hampshire would be allowed to cultivate no more than three mature plants and possess up to three-quarters of an ounce of cannabis.

Initially passed by the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety subcommittee in 2017, HB 656 was ultimately rejected by the full committee in November. Undeterred by the committee’s non-binding “recommendation” and led by a seemingly progressive member of the GOP, New Hampshire’s House of Representatives have now passed HB 656.

Gene Chandler (R-1st District), who recently regained the gavel as speaker of the House, was a major factor in the successful passage of HB 656 in New Hampshire’s House of Representatives.

Another victory for adults in the “Live Free or Die” state, Tuesday’s vote advances the bill to the state Senate for their consideration, despite the fact the state commission tasked with researching the timely issue is still months away from producing it’s Nov. 1 report.

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  1. ‘Live free or die’ indeed….that’s what our ancestors preached when they rebelled against political oppression. Screw you, England…we will NOT be colonized. Then fast forward over 200 years later to today.
    Screw you, Jeff Sessions….we will NOT be told by some political hack like yourself what to enjoy on our own time. What’s the basis of your ignorant conclusion (good people don’t smoke marijuana)? Who spoon-fed you that line of buIIshit? Are you that fugging stupid to NOT see the plant’s benefits? Why don’t you back the heII off of cannabis and focus on terrorism, organized crime, and gang activity….you know, REAL crime.

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