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Florida Republican Pushes Legislation to Reclassify Marijuana


U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Republican member of the Florida legislature, spoke with Fox News Tuesday night about his bill targeting the reclassification of marijuana within the Controlled Substance Act (CSA).

House Bill 2020 (H.R. 2020), introduced on April 6, 2017, by Congressman Gaetz, seeks to reschedule marijuana within the CSA as a  Schedule III narcotic – and would make marijuana analogous to Tylenol.

The Florida Congressman, an early and ardent supporter of medical marijuana in the Sunshine State, was asked by Lisa “Kennedy” about his ongoing effort to reclassify marijuana at the federal level – and expanding medical marijuana research.

After noting that he was excited to “come on and talk about guns and weed,” Gaetz told Kennedy his proposed legislation would dramatically increase research and would prohibit the federal government from blocking future cannabis studies.

“Our marijuana legislation would ensure that we’ve got greater access to research and that the federal government doesn’t stand between people [doctors]and their patients.”

Gaetz’s bill, otherwise referred to as, “To provide for the rescheduling of marijuana into schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act,” would prohibit the federal government from standing in the way of scientific research and encourages the potential discovery of new cures.

“My legislation would require more research-grade marijuana to be produced; it would allow veterans, in particular, more access to federally approved research trials, and would absolutely create a safe harbor for some of our universities who want to do marijuana research but are afraid some of their other research grants would be in jeopardy,” Gaetz said.

Caught between political ideology and consequential research, HR 2020 was introduced by in the House last April and has since been referred to several subcommittees – where the bill currently remains stuck.

While HR 2020 awaits decisive action from the Subcommittee on Health, the Florida Republican representing the 1st Congressional District is pushing forward. Rep. Matt Gaetz has targeted the VA’s restrictive consulting policy as a cosponsor of H.R. 4825, the “Marijuana Effective Drug Studies Act of 2018” or the “MEDS Act.”

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  2. “..analogous to Tylenol”??? NO. Schedule III is a prescription controlled substance. Perhaps you meant “Tylenol with codeine,” which IS a schedule III drug, as is buprenorphine.

    Schedule III drugs are only available by prescription, not by “recommendation.” That means if cannabis is schedule III you will be a prisoner to the medical system. Prescriptions MUST specify: 1. The specific substance (not simply “cannabis,” but exactly WHAT KIND); 2. Dose and frequency; and route of administration (for example, “take two puffs every six hours”). Do you REALLY want your doctor to have that much say-so over how you consume your weed? No? Didn’t think so.


  3. When even Republican politicians start supporting the plant, you can rest assured the tide has finally changed. Those days of burning incense to hide the smell of some rag weed you purchased from a friend of a friend are gone. Many of us are now walking out of a dispensary with our heads high, proud owners of some potent and safe cannabis to consume. It’s almost like we’re walking into Krispy Kreme and choosing a few of our favorite donuts from the display case.

    • So right. The oils are so refined and clean. I never thought I would see the day. I just wish more people would understand the benefits of MJ. It is a safe drug, probably safer then tylenol and it is NOT a gateway drug….it is the opposite, people use it to get off of dangerous drugs. Let’s get this stuff fully legal as fast as we can…..vote politicians OUT that fight us, who cares about party. America is free and freedom shall prevail!!!

  4. It is past due to reschedule..Marijuana… The research is documented and the personal accounts of the many people it helps to recover from illness and disease…And the many people it helps to make it through stress-filled days of everday life.
    Marijuana has the most uses and is the most beneifical plant know to man.

  5. Patiently disarming America, one patient at a time.

    When Florida passed the medical marijuana, with more than 70 percent vote. I don’t recall the news reporting that registering for the medical marijuana card would disqualify you from being able to buy or own a gun.

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