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New Jersey Officials Discuss Marijuana Legalization


TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Hundreds of state and local government officials and police officers from across New Jersey met in Trenton to discuss marijuana legalization.

The New Jersey Cannabusiness Association, which backs legalization, sponsored the event on Tuesday in Trenton. Organizers said at least 250 officials attended.

It comes as Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy and some Democrats in the Legislature are pushing to make New Jersey the 10th state to legalize recreational marijuana.

Democrats control state government but some raise doubts about legalization.

Democratic Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro, of Hoboken, attended the event and said she’s “on the fence” over concerns about young people using the drug.

Scott Rudder, the association’s president, says the point of the seminar was to get the “conversation started,” not yet to persuade lawmakers to vote yes.

Legislation is pending.

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    • Without a doubt, regulated weed would be safer and harder to get, in high school i got what ever i wanted easy, kept illegal mskes it easier and more dangerous

      • Where I live high school teens have a much easier time finding “weed” than I do. 18 years into the 21st century it should not be this way. At 59, almost 60, it should be the other way around. A regulated cannabis market, within a few years, would dry up the black market. High school students would have a harder time finding it.

    • cell phone and driving use is worse we had to enact new laws for that.
      which really skews most “drugged driving “statistics
      lets face it they took a “cocktail train”(as quoted from other news reports)
      I don’t want any public servant to consume alcohol at all and should be a law that’s enforced heavily.
      who needs a hung over cop or mayor or dpw worker on the job?
      most towns in nj ban these people from smoking in public so why not ban alcohol use for them?

  1. Colorado’s opiate overdoses has been cut in half with legalizing marijuana. People need to educate themselves with science and actual numbers on there concerns. A new study shows there is no effect on youths brains from marijuana use but besides that use by teens is down in the states that have legalized. I would love to come and grow herb in the Garden state for all of you to enjoy. Would you rather hang out with drunk people or people mellowed out and happy from smoking some great weed? Alcohol kills people and weed saves lives and makes people happy and hungry.

    • You are so correct Lenny & Doc .I’m a Veteran 62 with 8 Rods in my back ..I don’t want opiates / Possession is a Felony in my state GA…Want to grow my own Meds .I’m moving outta here.

  2. Lenny. I wish you could come and grow with us. Thank you. I agree as a physician smoking to help my chronic pain without the need of any narcotics.

  3. I agree with both of you, Lenny and the Dr. I only wish that this happened some 30 years ago. Imagine the research time that would have been invested for all that time. I guess, better late then never however, government lag is truly a big problem. I just hope people get what it is they need and not be charged with a felony (which is ridiculous) for trying to make themselves feel better. I know this is changing but it needs to happen NOW!!!

  4. ‘Annette Chaparro, of Hoboken, said she’s “on the fence” over concerns about young people using the drug.’

    Annette, do you realize that dispensaries won’t cater to people under 21? Legalizing won’t open the floodgates for youth usage….it hasn’t wherever it’s been legalized. Like cigarettes and alcohol, those under-aged kids who want to indulge will find a way. Those who want it, will still get it one way or another. At least dispensary weed is safe to consume, as it’s been tested.

    As for real young kids, it all boils down to proper parenting. A responsible parent won’t let a toddler anywhere near alcohol, bottles of poison or bleach, cigarettes, marijuana, an unattended swimming pool, etc. The few who do manage to screw up and let their children be near drugs should not be seen as a valid reason to spite the overwhelming majority who are responsible parents. Common sense.

    • 360dunk…..Couldn’t said it any better myself.I wholeheartedly agree with you,also when Mass come online…Many states in New England /Up north won’t have a choice to make a move.I’m from Connecticut they been dragging there behinds forever.

  5. Hi I’ve been smoking daily for 48years started when I was 14 and have been happy ever sence. Veteran usmc father of three marines. Helps with skeletons in the closet. Happy. Happy happy

  6. Scott Oorah……Hehehe..Navy here 2 brothers/cousin USMC…Been smoking 13/14 ..62 now….Take it over Alcohol any day…

  7. I started smoking when I was 14 one day after I found 151 dead decapatated body’s from a airline crash .ever pick out heads in gunnysacks arms with watches on .that my skeletons in the closet.weed helps the most.

  8. Vermont has the right idea no legal sales small grows only.
    you can figure out how to be rich by over charging for an easy growing plant later.
    right now this states mmj has a $640 price tag on a oz of cannabis sorry but no way in heck that it should be half the price of gold

    I think what worries most towns that cannabis will not be the money train for proceeds and arrests.
    look at the towns that already banned it 90-95% of arrest are from cannabis.
    imagine when a police officer pulls you over and smells raw weed? he cant search your car he would be mad as heck and would lead to many bs searches anyway.
    no sales small grows to start then you can get your blood money
    not that any of these people tried to jail the drug makers for telling us that oxytocin or Xanax were not addictive and lead to less abuse risks did they? christie had his chance to sue them as other states are doing. why not? its an easy win and they would settle before any court sees the info
    I never hear of any doctors that went to jail for over prescribing these drugs?
    the true killers seem to wear lab coats

    true blood money the prohibitionists still want

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