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Obi Wan OG Marijuana Strain Review


Strain Overview

The Scoop: Obi Wan OG, cultivated by the discerning botanists at Deep Roots Harvest, utilizes the strain’s collective terpenes and cannabinoids to summon the universal healing forces of the cannabis plant. Exiling pain like an unwelcome intruder, this hybridized cross of Ghost OG x Alien Rift, was right, tight, and incredibly relaxing.

The Result: Obi Wan OG provides a sedative value that is nothing short of blissful relief. No pharmaceuticals, no prescriptions, no addictive ramifications – just a soothing reprieve from aching muscles and arthritic joints. Note: located near a retirement community in southeastern Nevada, the clientele at Deep Roots Harvest is predominantly middle-aged or a senior citizen. When I visited last Wednesday, Ellen, my Budtender, informed me their elderly clientele represented a large (and rapidly growing) portion of their customer base.

The Verdict: Obi Wan OG provides many with an alternative form of safe and effectual of pain relief. But what works for some might not work for all. As each individual’s endocannabinoid system reacts differently to a strain’s myriad of compounds, Obi Wan OG traditionally works best as a viable option for individuals looking to ease the discomfort of arthritis, joint inflammation, stress, and depression; replacing a toxic cocktail of different medications with a simple, medicinal, herb.

Strain Characteristics

Obi Wan OG: Ghost OG x Alien Rift

Type:  Hybrid (Indica dominant)

Also Known As:  N/A

Genetics: Ghost OG x Alien Rift

Origin: Mesquite, Nevada

How Stoned Will You Get: 7.5

Average THC:  15-20 percent

Average Price Per ⅛:  $45

Awards: N/A

Strain Profile

The Science: Harvested on Dec. 12, 2017, Obi Wan OG’s test results indicate this specific batch had a total THC-content of 16.64 percent. Tested after one month of drying and curing, the results indicate the dominant terpenes in this batch of Obi Wan OG were: β-myrcene – 7.76 mg/g, Limonene –2.02 mg/g, α-Pinene – 1.41 mg/g, and β-caryophyllene – 1.40 mg/g. A nitrogen-filled, childproof-packaged eighth of joy, my 3.5 gram sack of Obi Wan OG also informed me it contains .05 percent of CBD.

Appearance: Like a squadron of Resistance Starfighters in their attack pattern, the Obi Wan OG’s bud structure flies in a tight formation. Firmly stacked and highly resinous, the flowers are loaded with ripe trichomes and enjoy a tight internodal spacing. The progeny of Ghost OG (a select cut of OG Kush) and Alien Rift (an enhanced Alien Abduction phenotype), Obi Wan OG is a high-caliber Hybrid that embraces her dizzying lineage.

Consistency: A budtender-approved strain (thanks, Ellen), the nitrogen-sealed Obi Wan OG emerged from its hermetically sealed respite in perfect shape. Dense yet still elastic, the marble-sized buds in my Ziplock sack were perfectly cured nuggets of therapeutic relief. No shake or schwag, these Obi Wan OG buds were pure gas for the mental engine.

Scent: Dictated by its collective terpene profile, her aroma smacks of a lemon-pepper cross and is mixed with a sweet pine and pungent spice. An aromatic strain with subtle notes of black pepper, hops, and citrus – the unique scent from Obi Wan OG almost makes the mouth salivate in anticipation of the first, deep, delicious inhale.

Taste: Rolled, lit, and hit, the first draw from a joint of Obi Wan OG tastes otherworldly: while the flavor of pepper and hops are detected early in the smoking experience, a residual hint of sour citrus lights up the tongue’s highly sensitive taste buds about halfway through the joint.

Effect: While Darth Vader praises the influence of the Dark Side and draws power from raw emotions like fear, anger, hatred, and aggression – Obi Wan OG dismisses such harmful ideas. By utilizing the synergistic force of Obi Wan OG’s cannabinoids and terpenes, patients and recreational smokers alike will enjoy a relaxing and creative hiatus.

Strain Background: According to online sources, Obi Wan OG was first cultivated by Ocean Grown Seeds (OGS). A cross between an OGS Alien Rift stud male and OrgnKid’s clone-only Ghost OG Kush, Obi Wan OG is now available in Mesquite, Nevada at Deep Roots Harvest.

Medical Uses: Obi Wan OG represents an effectual alternative for those suffering from a host of painful ailments including anxiety, depression, joint discomfort and insomnia – without addictive pharmaceuticals.

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My name is Monterey Bud and I was born in Long Beach and raised on the central coast. I surf, dab, burn and write. I'm a husband, a father and a lifelong consumer of connoisseur grade weed. I have been writing about marijuana strains, science, and politics for since 2012. A Big Sur cultivator from the pre-helicopter days, I'm a big fan of new strains and breaking news. I can be reached on Twitter @MontereyBud


  1. “Homeopathic” means “like healing like.” An example is the poison atropine, which in full strength causes red skin and elevated temperature. In homeopathic medicine, highly diluted atropine is used to treat fevers accompanied by hot, dry, red skin.

    Cannabis is not a homeopathic medicine (at least, not the way we use it). You might wish to correct this mistake.

    • yep, “Homeopathic” jumped out at me too. Please check words that have a specific meaning in medical and alt. medical usage, Monterey Bud. Thanks.

  2. I wish that I could get some of the obi marijuna in Illinois. This sounds like it would really work on me since I have multiple ailments.

  3. interesting comment about the ‘grey shift’ in the bud customers at the OP’s dispensary. last time I was at my dispensary, I’m pretty certain that I was younger than at least half the customers and I’m going to be 60 next week. Three were mobility challenged (canes, tripod canes), one was toting an oxygen bottle.

    • It was absolutely inspiring to see all of the elderly clientele preparing to experiment with safer forms of pain alleviation, ignoring past propaganda and stereotypes. When I was checking out I noticed this sweet older couple, they had to be in their late 80s … and they were obviously shopping for the first time.

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