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Top 25 Marijuana Strains Across North America in January


For January, online search results for Jack Herer, Tangie, Blueberry, Banana OG, Strawberry Cough, Grape Ape, and Do-Si-Dos eclipsed hundreds of other hybrids, making them some of North America’s most searched strains during the first month of 2018.

Since the start of the new year, recreational marijuana prices continued to decline in California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada – with only Arizona’s medical marijuana Spot Price Index holding stable. Despite the price’s overall downward trend for most marijuana strains during the month of January, a few strains witnessed their eighth price elevate nicely since new year’s eve. Up significantly on a month-over-month basis, Fire OG and Blue Cookies witnessed their eighth price jump during January – gaining $5.79 and $4.01 respectively.

January’s movers and shakers on the Top 25 Most Popular Strains list for North America were Strawberry Cough, up 38 spots to the 23rd position; Do-Si-Dos, up 37 placements to the 17th slot, and Banana OG which bolted over 36 strains and took root in the 14th position.

North America’s Top 25 Most Popular Strains list is comprised of millions of data points and measured via online engagements. Extracted by Weedmaps and distributed by, January’s summary of strain queries offers a clear picture of the online search habits of today’s cannabis consumers.

Over the past 30 days, the average price per eighth for one of North America’s top 25 strains was roughly $33.80 – which is down $4.51 from December’s average price per eighth of $38.31.



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  1. What about the old school sour cherry? I see the cross bred strains but not the real deal! It is the best high for n the planet hands down! I don’t know of anyone that has it except for one person and it’s been going for twenty plus years now! THC level is very high and the cbd,s are up there also! I have tried the crossed stuff but no where near the real thing!!! Please let me know if you have even heard of this strain, please! Thank you much as I just want to know! Thanks.

    • Heard of it but ive never seen or tried in arizonaHavnt seen in our local dispensary.would love to try it good luck on your search

  2. Trying to find product for my hubby w/Alzheimer’s. Last batch of 10grams was out of sight expensive ($500) and being seniors on a fixed income we just can’t afford that.
    I’ve been giving him the “oil” (more like black salve) Daily, but think he could benefit from more than one time a day. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    We’re in SC…

  3. Best Strains of all time on

    Hey, another fun weed/gov’t fact!
    The only federal medicinal plant garden that grows and researches marijuana is literally like 100 yards from where I sit right now typing this on my couch in Oxford, MS! Yep, there’s a shit ton of federally grown weed a football field away from me right now. The only federally grown weed in the country might I add. But, there’s a really big fence and a guard tower and I heard they’ll shoot you cuz something about trespassing on gov’t property and all. But still, kinda

    I love this post! I don’t have all that much experience but I definitely prefer Sativa. My Indica experiences were a bit too intense for my taste. I can’t claim to have tried a lot of strains yet but so far NYC Diesel is my favourite. I just love how my brain works when I smoke

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