Concentrate Review: Sour Skittles by 91 Supreme


Sour Skittles is a nuanced and citrus-forward extract created from three superb strains. A powerhouse in the world of tasty concentrates, these terpenes-rich dabs lean hard on their sativa-dominant gene pool.

Produced by the skillful extract artists at 91 Supreme, Sour Skittles is a succulent blend of Twisted Citrus (Sativa- dominant), Sour Tangie (Sativa-dominant), and Zskittles (Indica-dominant). A connoisseur’s dab that will challenge the most elevated tolerance levels, my batch of Sour Skittles smelled like a little slice of heaven and tasted like nirvana.

Sour Skittles enjoys incredible terpene retention

Appearance: Creating a visually appealing mound of golden trichomes and beneficial terpenes in the form of amber crumbles, Sour Skittles has the air and consistency of a high-end caviar concentrate. Miniaturized diamonds of psychoactive THC, enveloped by a kaleidoscope of strain-specific terpenes, Sour Skittles sauce provides the perfect uplifting high for those weekend activities and/or chores.

Dab: A Sativa dab with an Indica kick, Sour Skittles melted like pure gold in my domeless ceramic e-nail – liquefying evenly and slowly. Dabbed at a relatively low-temp of 390°F, the Sour Skittles caviar was a citrus-centric pleasure for the senses. Ripped, held, and released, I could taste a proverbial rainbow of terpenes on my taste buds.

Flavor: Tart fuel for the mind, Sour Skittles sauce enjoys incredible terpene retention. Almost as important to the high as it’s overall cannabinoid content, the terpenes’ floral qualities were preserved in the creation of these delicious extracts. Lemon, lime, and a sharp citrus flavor put this pungent dab high on the weekend’s “To Do List.”

The High: A sauce for Shatterday, 91 Supreme’s Sour Skittles and it’s psychoactive pile of THC are guaranteed to make your precious time off a little more entertaining and productive. A great dab for the procrastinator with chores to accomplish, or the outdoor enthusiast looking to get motivated, Sour Skittles’ Sativa connection fires up the lethargic mindset and forces you out the door.


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