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Kentucky House Committee Postpones Vote on Medical Marijuana Bill


Update: The House Judiciary Committee heard statements from advocates of HB 166 to allow the state to establish a medical marijuana program, but avoided taking action. Committee Chairman Joe Fischer announced the committee would address the bill at a later date.

Democratic Rep. John Sims Jr. (70th District) introduced the legislation on Jan. 10 with the support of Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (D). House Bill 166 has now picked up the support of Sgt. Dakota Meyer, a Kentucky native and Medal of Honor recipient, who issued his statement of support in a press release on Friday.

Medical cannabis works. I’ve seen firsthand lives it has positively impacted. I’ve seen how quality of life is vastly improved when a veteran struggling with PTSD can use medical cannabis to quiet their mind and sleep. It’s time we move away from the old-school mentalities that are holding our Commonwealth back and preventing Kentuckians from getting relief. I see legalization of medical cannabis as a huge step in fighting the opioid crisis. Frankfort has to act. There are too many people – especially men and women who have served our country – who need help. I’m counting on legislators and the Governor to make medical cannabis legal in 2018.

Kentucky’s Secretary of State is hoping to cultivate Republican support for medicinal cannabis by appealing to the conservative ideal of state’s rights, which has been referenced in bipartisan support for similar efforts in other states. Grimes said she believes that by appealing to one of the GOP’s core philosophies and focusing on medicinal cannabis as a states’ rights issue, she can sway at least some of the staunch conservatives within Kentucky’s Republican Party.

“If folks are really believing in states’ rights, as the Republican-led administration in Washington claims to be, the Republican-led administration here in Frankfort, at all levels from the governor to each chamber in our House and Senate, then they will see this as what it is, a states’ rights issue,” Grimes said in January.

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  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Another great little report, Mr. Bud. Hats off to Sgt. Dakota Meyer for his bravery in Kentucky and all around. Note how the man does not see this issue as Democrat or Republican, but as a purely American issue. Damned are ALL lawmakers, doctors and bureaucrats who have the gall to deny the righteous and legitimate demands of a most honorable American soldier.

    We clearly have to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to vote out of office EVERY LAST cannabis hater in the United States–at the federal, state and local levels. For much too long, we have granted these bastards the power to hold cannabis plants hostage with their fraudulent “marihuana” laws. No more.

  2. Ron Hargrove on

    My brother illegally imported marijuana oil to treat his metastasized cancer. The marijuana oil kept him well enough that he was able to continue working through 3 rounds of chemotherapy and radiation over the course of 5 years. Unknown to my family, he stopped taking it due to how expensive it was in May of 2016. He rapidly declined in health after that and died from his cancer in October of 2016. Had he been able to grow his own medicine he may very well still be alive today. I emphatically urge our legislators to pass some form of legalized medical marijuana without further delay. My brother died because it was not available. It is too late for him, but not to late to help others dealing with terminal cancer.

  3. As usual KY Lawmakers defer defer defer! I am a Kentuckian in pain management and I would gladly give up my morphine and Percocet for weed! Unfortunately I can’t! I wish I was financially stable enough to move to a state where it is legal, but disability doesn’t pay enough for that!

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