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Ohio: Candidate Kucinich Pledges To Pass Adult-Use Policies, If Elected


At least one of the Democratic candidates looking to become the next governor of Ohio strongly supports marijuana legalization – and is not afraid to say so. Dennis Kucinich, one of six Democrats competing to become the next governor of the Buckeye State, spoke with a small group of activists about his proposed marijuana policy.

“As governor and lieutenant governor, Tara Samples and I aim to expand Ohio’s medical marijuana law; allow home cultivation by patients and caregivers; use cannabis to reduce opioid abuse; treat not jail; restore communities most affected by the war on drugs,” and “deschedule and pass, common sense, adult use policies.”

Those were some of the policy highlights uttered by Ohio gubernatorial candidate Dennis Kucinich on Wednesday at the Cleveland School of Cannabis.

Kucinich, a former U.S. Representative from Ohio, who twice lobbied the American public to become their Democratic nominee for President of the United States, has historically embraced legalization.

“We have to recognize that prohibition is a failed policy. Tara Samples and I advocate for replacing the disastrous war on drugs with policies which are rooted in evidence, compassion, and justice for all Ohioans,” Kucinich said.

The Kucinich plan is closely aligned with the policy changes advanced by advocates who have tried to reform Ohio’s marijuana laws over the past several years.

Richard Cordray, one of Kucinich main opponents for the Democratic nomination, only tacitly supports allowing voters the choice to cast their ballot for legalizing adult-use marijuana.

But a Dec. 2017 poll indicates voters want more than the opportunity to cast a vote — the majority wants legalization.

Bill O’Neill, a former State Supreme Court justice and Ohio Senator Joe Schiavoni (D) are two of the other Democratic candidates who’ve spoken up in support of legalizing recreational marijuana in Ohio.

In 2015, Ohio’s Issue 3, a flawed plan to legalize adult-use marijuana, was defeated by a 36 percent to 63 percent margin.

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  1. I really wish they would include in why we don’t already have recreational use marijuana is that issue 3 would have installed a constitutional oligopoly permanently giving all growing rights to the investors in the ballot language. You know that you have given us a shitty deal when epileptics like myself are campaigning against it an NORML only endorsed by a technicality that it would have been a reform and more legal than currently. It’s also always conveniently left out of articles everywhere that the same day the first of a growing number of cities passed “no fine no time” laws up to the felony possession limit of 200grams. Give a decent offer and the margin will be the opposite

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