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Galactic Strains to Celebrate the International Day of Human Space Flight


On this day in 1961, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gargin made a 108-minute orbital flight in his Vostok 1 spacecraft and became the first human in space. Since 2011, after the United Nations General Assembly declared April 12 the International Day of Human Space Flight, the world has celebrated Gagarin’s incredible journey and the historic flight that paved the way for future space endeavors.

In this article, we have identified 10 strains with astronomical cannabinoid benefits and phenomenal flavors that will have your taste buds gliding down a Milky Way of terpenes.

Martian Candy

Nug of Eagle Packs Martian Candy

Eagle Packs

Who can resist a toke of this tasty flower? Eagle Packs’ Martian Candy will awaken your taste buds with the fresh zing of eucalyptus and pine. The Hybrid high hits you fast and immediately relaxes any lingering tension. This relaxed feeling is followed by an influx of creativity — but act fast if you want to execute your creative pursuits. If you linger even the slightest bit, Martian Candy will lull you into an unavoidable couch lock.

Alien OG

Nug of Sote Alien OG


Smoke like a galactic local. Soté’s Choice Alien OG is a fine-dine favorite around these parts. With earthy and citrus flavors in perfect sync, this lovely flower probes into the darkest depths of stress and replaces it with an out-of-this-world euphoria. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll emerge from the hazy clouds of Alien OG feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Nug of Nebula by Ascend


Check out the explosive burst of orange hairs in Ascend’s Nebula. This tightly clustered calyx glitters in a star-dusted coat of trichomes and has a strong scent that fights through the toughest mental congestion. Her effects will send a buzz surging from head-to-toe, wiping out everything from stress to muscle aches, while her soothing honey and berry flavors leave a pleasant footprint on your taste buds.

Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel Colas

Archive Seed Bank

This cut of Rocket Fuel by Archive Seed Bank is coated with snowy trichomes and contains a complex palate of sweet diesel flavors. Experience the high-fueled flavors when you spark a blunt rolled with gassy Rocket Fuel, and let your taste buds take off with soothing minty, chem and honey flavors. Each hit emits a fuel fragrance accented by a tropical aromatic that balances the head-buzzing perfume, and relieves discomfort.

Space Queen

Nug of Space Queen flowers


Bow down to the fruity fragrance when you light up Artizen Space Queen. This orange-haired goddess expresses Sativa dominance by enhancing euphoria and clearing out mental clutter to leave her subjects feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Every interaction with this high-powered boss babe strain energizes and inspires creative ventures.

Sensi Star

Nug of Sensi Star bud by OG Medicinals

OG Medicinals

Stare off into the Milky Way and get lost in a vast sea of euphoria with Sensi Star. OG Medicinals is pleased to cultivate award-winning strains that are hand-fed and cared for to ensure superior cannabinoid production. This cut of Sensi Star strikes with a sudden Indica essence, and packs intensifying physical relief that alleviates soreness. Along with her stellar psychedelia, this frosty flower also carries a sweet, earthy pungency.

Spacewalker OG

Nug of Spacewalker OG

Paris OG

Soar into the midst of the galaxy when you smoke on Paris OG’s Spacewalker OG. This strain carries genetics that descend from OG Kush and Skywalker OG. This kushy Indica offspring gives off a skunky lemon aroma that complements the terpene flavors when smoked. The bold, bright hue of Spacewalker OG can easily be seen without telescopic assistance. Flame up this OG and let the mood-boosting properties control stress and maintain a comfortable full-bodied relaxation.

Outer Space

Remedy Cadillac Outer Space

Remedy Cadillac

The sky is no longer the limit when you smoke on Remedy Cadillac’s Outer Space. This Sativa strain adapts her characteristics from parent strains Island Sweet Skunk and Trinity and carries a strong citrus aroma. Perfect for daytime use, this flavorful smoke lives up to its extraterrestrial name and builds up a psychedelic cerebral energy for you to experience out-of-body euphoria.

Jupiter OG

Nug of TRYKE's Jupiter OG flowers


Tryke’s cut of Jupiter OG is a Hybrid with a potent assortment of Indica cannabinoids that are ready to blast you off into an interstellar galaxy of relief. Representing the largest planet in the solar system, the Jupiter OG bud does not disappoint. With its high yield of cannabinoid content and classic OG backbone, this strain has earned its title as the gas giant. The heavy THC content will trap your senses and leave you lost in a haze of happiness.


PresidentialRx Moonrocks


Turn any adventure into a space exploration mission after you sprinkle a healthy dose of Presidential Moonrocks in your blunt. These dense space buds are infused with OG Kush Hash Oil then rolled and smothered in OG Kush Kief for an extra dash of hash. Just a touch of these dense flowers in bowls, blunts, and even prerolls will set you over the edge of euphoria and keep your mind relaxed and free of stress.

From planetary strains to out-of-this-galaxy products, let us know what mind-boggling cannabis has captivated your senses and abducted your inhibitions in the comments below.

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