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Enjoy The Paradise on Earth That is Hawaiian Gold by SoCal Dabbers


Hawaiian Gold Shatter is a tropical cross of Maui Wowi x Kona Gold. A citrus forward concentrate from SoCal Dabbers, these succulent extracts provide an ultra terpy hit for the anxious mind. When faced with a busy schedule, Hawaiian Gold Shatter (HGS) is the perfect motivational concentrate for those facing an afternoon of late meetings or social engagements.

Appearance: Thin, pliable and flaxen, my gram of Hawaiian Gold Shatter was a yellowish slab of sappy cannabinoids and terpenes. An extract known for its pull-and-snap texture, HGS is more malleable than your average glass-like shatters. Easily pulled and shaped into a long, twine-like dab, there was no need for me to use my dabbing tools to test drive this extract. While brittle shatters are notoriously difficult to manage with your basic dabbing utensil – that’s not the case with HGS. Instead of a tool, I used my fingers.

Dab: Slowly lowered onto the heated e-nail by hand, my stringy dab of Hawaiian Gold Shatter hit the ceramic e-nail (aka eRig) and instantly released her tropical flavors. At the low temperature of roughly 420°F (or 215°C), the e-nail melted the HGS dab into a vaporized cloud of pleasure. Ripped, held, and liberated, the exhaled vapors left the flavor of a citrus-centric paradise on my palate.

Flavor: Hawaiian Gold Shatter provides a tsunami of flavor. While I was initially hit by a wave of luscious fruit on the first dab, the HGS rip exploded with volcanic terpenes and provided an exhale of tropical flavors. While the smell of Hawaiian Gold Shatter is more citrus and pineapple, the dab tastes like paradise on earth.

The High: Known to replace bored lethargy with inspired energy, these Sativa dominant dabs elevate the mental state and bestow a tranquil disposition – sort of like taking a tropical vacation.  A gift from the Hawaiian deity Lono – and the crew at SoCal DabbersHGS works wonders at alleviating stomach pain, depression and anxiety.


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