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New York City Mayor Calls for End to Marijuana Arrests


NEW YORK (AP) — Mayor Bill de Blasio says he wants the New York Police Department to stop arresting people for smoking cannabis in public and instead hand out summonses.

In a statement released Sunday, May 20, 2018, the Democratic mayor says the city must plan for the eventual reality of cannabis legalization and the “public safety, health and financial consequences involved.”

De Blasio says he still has his concerns, but that he must now focus on crafting the regulatory framework before legalization.

The mayor’s remarks came less than a week after he directed the police department in mid-May 2018 to overhaul its cannabis enforcement policies in the next 30 days.

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  1. ancient james on

    Fascinating topic. You don’t want to smoke in the house because it can smell stale after a while so you take a walk to have a smoke. Two thirds of Americans still think it should not be legal to smoke cannabis in public, the assumption is that they are afraid it will have a negative influence on children. It occurs to me that children see people drinking coffee all the time but that the children rarely even want any coffee until they are grown up. Well, what if children see someone smoking a tobacco cigarette? Studies show that most people will have bad or even terrible health problems if they smoke tobacco enough and for a long enough period of time. Everyone knows that tobacco can be harmful and therefore fewer people are smoking tobacco as time goes by, including fewer young people. With cannabis, if a child can benefit from it, then a non psychoactive preparation works fine in most cases. All the studies show that cannabis, in a stark contrast to tobacco, can prevent and can cure a long list of serious human degenerative conditions.
    Arresting people for smoking cannabis in public is a terrible policy, and ticketing people for smoking it in public is also a bad policy – as the Mayor seems to imply as well.

  2. Charles Sanders on

    What your saying is that the status quo stinks with hypocrisy! You see the beer and liquor commercials let alone the pharmaceuticals all for something that nobody has died from…it drives me crazy!

  3. To be honest, I am pretty envious of the actions being taken to legalize weed in America, I’m here in Ireland with a load of stubborn old people who believe it should not be smoked/legalized because it is *illegal* and that is their argument… It is a complete joke, not a single person listen’s when the topic comes up and they are not willing to look into the science behind it either, saying that “its bad for your health” (???) The ironic part about it is that the same person who says this later goes outside to smoke a cigarette…

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