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Raw Garden Can Pound Its Chest on the Strength of its GG#4 Live Resin


GG#4 Live Resin is an Indica-dominant extract that utilizes the Josey Wales cut of Gorilla Glue #4. A hybridized cross of Sour Dub x Chem’s Sis x Chocolate Diesel, GG#4 Live Resin is a compelling concentrate that embraces the strain’s award-winning taste and mind-blowing potency. As a pre-run flower, GG#4 dominated the competition at the 2014 Amsterdam Cup, the 2015 Las Vegas Patient’s Choice Award, and the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup. Created from certified organic flowers, these live resin extracts from Raw Garden have seriously elevated GG4’s mood-altering ability.

Close up of Live Resin Sauce

Raw Garden GG #4 Live Resin

Appearance: A visually enticing extract, GG#4 Live Resin is expressed as a golden pile of trichomes and terpenes. A relatively dry live resin, GG#4 has the texture of dehydrated honey. Engulfed by her strain-specific terpenes and accentuated by its tiny THC-diamonds, GG4 Live Resin by Raw Garden was cultivated and created in California’s Santa Barbara County. A relaxing dab for those weekend warriors with an elevated tolerance level, Raw Garden’s live resin provides inspirational fire for the depleted imagination.

Dab: Rig readied, the glob of GG#4 Live Resin melted smoothly as it hit my preheated e-nail. Ripped and released, the bellowing plume of live resin exhaled from my lungs, left me feeling relaxed and ready to start my weekend of errands and assorted chores on a blissful note.

Flavor: Instantly releasing her tangy, earthbound savor, Raw Garden’s GG#4 Live Resin left notes of a hashy, pine-like flavor on my tastebuds and palate from the vaporized compounds. While the smell of GG#4 Live Resin had hints of earth and pine, the flavor from the dab was slightly piney with a diesel kick.

The High: GG#4 Live Resin’s cannabinoid and terpene content instills a sense of unfazed serenity. Perfect for a zoned-out session of mindless daydreaming, or doing a couple of hours of mundane chores around the house, these extracts place you in your personal comfort zone. At a higher dose, GG#4 Live Resin makes for a great sleep aid, and is known to mitigate pain while stimulating the repressed appetite.

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