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Strain Review: Forbidden Fruit


Cannabis consumers come in many forms, so we’ve included multiple points of view in our strain reviews. Our longtime reviewers Monterey Bud and Duke London join Managing Editor Lesley Nickus and Multimedia Coordinator Allena Braithwaite. Today, they’ll be reviewing Forbidden Fruit by Sugar Tree Farms.

Forbidden Fruit

Lab Test Results by Green Leaf Lab
Total THC: 24.08 percent
Total Cannabinoids: 27.51 percent

Lab tested April 4, 2018, our batch of Forbidden Fruit was scrutinized for microbial and chemical contaminants and was approved for human consumption. Given a clean bill of health and deemed pesticide-free by Green Leaf Lab, the potency analysis for Forbidden Fruit indicates this strain has elevated levels of the CBGA cannabinoid and a THCA content of 25.98 percent.

Monterey Bud

Forbidden Fruit is only slightly less seductive than the slithering serpent encountered in the Garden of Eden. A terpene-rich cross of Cherry Pie x Tangie, Forbidden Fruit by southern Oregon’s Sugar Tree Farms is like an insightful gift from the Tree of Knowledge. Forbidden Fruit is a plush flower with an alluring bud structure and is expressed by its purple density, peach-colored pistils, and her dark green caylx. Forbidden Fruit (FF) is the perfect strain for those mischievous souls looking for an afternoon of adventure. Crisp yet pliable, my nug FF was easily dissected for consumption from my favorite glass bong. Once lit, ripped, and exhaled, my hit of Forbidden Fruit provided mental sanctuary and a serious appetite.

Duke London

Despite a striking appearance and trichome count, Forbidden Fruit didn’t pack quite the intense bouquet of aromas that I was expecting. Primarily dark purple in color, with orange accents throughout, this bud gives off a mysterious aura, which lends credence to its name. Rather than just rolling this secret garden into a joint like some regular normies, we used our Rosinbomb Rocket to press the Forbidden Fruit into some beautiful flower rosin. The process really unlocked a more citrus-leaning aroma that wasn’t apparent through the flower’s dark cloak of secrecy. When dabbed, the true essence of the flower is ultimately revealed, with a vibrantly tart flavor profile. Mystery solved.

Lesley Nickus

I’m a very big fan of Forbidden Fruit, so I was surprised by the flower’s lack of pungent aroma at first whiff. This dark purple bud was dense and had flecks of green scattered throughout. I could detect only a hint of the overripe fruit smell I have come to expect from this strain. Those aromas came through strong once the flower was in the grinder, though. The joint smoked smoothly and tasted citrusy with a hint of diesel. I felt alert and very relaxed, but not paranoid.

Allena Braithwaite

What does it look like?:
Deep, dark purple with orange hairs.

What does it smell like?:
Candy and tea

How does it feel?:  
The bud felt like a dry sponge.

How did I smoke it?:
Pressed into rosin then dabbed.

How does it taste?:  
Spot on notes of Altoids Mango Sours, which is crazy because they don’t even exist anymore, and other notes of herbs or tea.

How do I feel?:
Silly and observant.

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  1. David A Angeski on

    Forbidden fruit it does live of the name and it a very purple bud with orange flakes but its taste like lemon a little as u exhale but the pull in u can taste the diesel of it it fruity it good I think for what I ps it was well it 60 buck a quarter it’s not to bad

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