Concentrate Review: Who’s The Boss? The Makers of Terpene-Rich Super Glue Live Resin | Marijuana

Concentrate Review: Who’s The Boss? The Makers of Terpene-Rich Super Glue Live Resin


San Diego’s Boss Concentrates is a brand that is routinely mentioned when speaking of great SoCal extracts, and its tangy Super Glue Live Resin is one of the primary reasons. A fan favorite among some of the Southland’s more experienced dabbers, Super Glue Live Resin is a hybrid cross of Northern Lights and Skunk # 1.

Erupting with a citrusy mix of pine and earth, the Super Glue Live Resin by Boss Concentrates brings maximum flavor along with its heady Indica attributes. A terpy dab for those with an elevated tolerance level, the Super Glue Live Resin (SGLR) leaves you feeling calm, relaxed, and highly functional.

Boss Concentrates Super Glue

Appearance: Loaded with terp-city madness, SGLR is a semi-opaque amber color. Though some live resins retain a slightly moist texture, these flash-frozen nug-run dabs were feisty little globs with plenty of pull ‘n’ snap. As palatable as they are visually appealing, Super Glue’s amber translucence greets those fortunate enough to get their hands on these mind-blowing concentrates.

Dab: When slowly lowered onto the hot dab nail, my pungent glob of SGLR instantly revealed her hidden flavor profiles. At the right temperature, say roughly 420 degrees Fahrenheit, or 215 degrees Celsius, the dab of Super Glue Live Resin melts into a vaporized cloud of terpene-rich pleasure. Dabbed, held, and released, the exhaled fumes left a distinct flavor on my tongue and palate.

Flavor: Also falling into the “Super” category, SGLR’s collective terpene profile of lemons, pine, and a caramelized diesel creates a multiverse of distinct flavors. But while the savory mix of lemons and pine made this a go-to dab for fans of concentrate along the western edge of the free world, it’s SGLR’s elevated high that keeps the customers coming back for more.

The High: A relaxing vape for the experienced dabber with one caveat for the unseasoned consumer; newbies should come prepared. Make sure there is plenty of water and snacks nearby when stepping up to Super Glue Live Resin for the first time. Sultry, stoney, and seriously persuasive, SGLR’s thundering high can be an instant liability for the uninitiated.

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