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Eat These Foods To Take Your THC High Even Higher


We all have reasons for smoking weed, but most of us can agree that feeling stoned is one of them. You probably know that strains high in THC will give you the face-numbing, body-buzzing effect you’re looking for. What you might not know is that you don’t have to smoke the strongest stuff available to feel baked.

Eating certain foods before toking up can actually make it easier for your body to absorb the THC from your favorite weed and feel a stronger effect.

When you’re about to smoke and are presented with a choice between Flamin’ Hot Cheetos or a mango, the more desirable option is clear. You’d smash that bag of salty snacks in a minute. But, if you could put those munchies aside, you’d find that mango is actually the better choice. Not only are mangos and other whole foods obviously more healthful for your body, they can intensify the effects of smoking weed.

Research shows that consuming foods rich in terpenes, cannabinoids, and omega-3 fatty acids help increase THC absorption for an enhanced experience.

Here are the best foods to increase THC absorption and help you feel extra-stoned. Because if you wanted a weak high, you would’ve just rolled a joint from the cheap bag of schwag from your little brother’s sock drawer.

Best foods to eat to increase THC absorption


Like cannabis, mango contains terpenes that give it a strong flavor and aroma. In particular, mango is rich in a terpene called myrcene. It’s believed that myrcene contributes to the sedative effects of strong Indicas and acts as a muscle relaxant. In other words, snacking on some mango an hour before smoking will really help you melt into your couch and enjoy that movie.

Nuts and eggs

Nuts and eggs are both high in omega-3 fatty acids, which a group of Italian researchers in a study released in 2014 found help ease the symptoms of depression and reduce risk factors for heart disease. Aside from being important for your overall health, the omega-3 fatty acids in nuts and eggs bind to the cannabinoids in weed. This helps move THC through the blood-brain barrier more efficiently to make you feel high faster. Step away from the Cheetos and pick up a handful of walnuts or make an omelet instead.


Smoke your greens and eat them, too. Munching on some broccoli while rolling a joint could enhance your chill on a mellow indica evening. Broccoli contains high levels of a terpene called beta–caryophyllene, which shows promise for relieving anxiety and depression.


Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great source of complex carbohydrates, which according to findings published in the journal Obesity Research are linked to increased production of serotonin, a “feel-good” brain chemical. They also contain high levels of mood-boosting vitamin B6, which helps regulate our emotions. Snacking on sweet potato fries pre-toke can bust your blues and help you enjoy the effects of an uplifting sativa.

This should go without saying, but consuming these foods on their own won’t make you high – no matter how much you eat. Rather, the chemical properties of mango, nuts, broccoli, and sweet potato interact with our endocannabinoid systems in a way that improves THC absorption, intensifying the experience of smoking weed.

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  1. Sharon M Arnold on

    Thank you for the article, coming from someone that uses marijuana for medical and recreation. Knowledge is key in anything we do and learning and to humble ourselves long enough to know that we don’t know everything. 🌷

    • I have chronic pain due to 3 torn discs in my neck and degeniritive spine disorder in my back along with horrible whole body muscle spasms. I was on heavy doses of pain medication. I still have to take muscle relaxers but not in high doses as before. I find drinking a shank called Vegan really works! It has everything in one protein shake. You mix it water. I recommend everyone should try it.

  2. miyacaskawin on

    And I just thought the pot was stupendous! Turns out the way I normally eat has all the trappings of boosting my high. Whaddaya know. That tiny bud fragment is all it takes.

  3. Just to add some “food for thought”, I have also found that a nice juicy ripe orange eaten before you ingest cannabis has similar effects. It also has the added benefit, when eaten after ingesting cannabis, of helping to quell that nasty case of “cotton mouth” we all know to well. To your mental and physical health!

  4. Just bought a beautiful red mango the other day on sale for 99 cents. Add a banana, crushed ice, and some coconut milk for an amazing vegan smoothie.

  5. Can someone please email me the list of foods that enhance your high, before & after cannabis I hear mango, nuts, broccoli, are there anymore. I don’t smoke, tried the vap pen I think it’s more harsh it did nothing for me I didn’t even get a buzz,I have tried several eatables, I love the lemonade drinks any info to further my education on foods to enhance my relaxing I welcome it,to my email thank you in advance & what can curb the munchies, I thought snacking on cucumbers with a lil lemon pepper. Again thank you p.s. I suffer from chronic pain any suggestions I’ve been on pain meds several years female related over half my life please email anything that maybe helpful

    • I was on pain meds for twenty years. Opana ER (Morphine) and Percocet 10’s among others for nerve pain. Pot is what finally relieved the pain. Opioids did nothing. Get off them. Pot will help you.
      If you can’t smoke it try edibles.

      • Same situation, Oxycontin for 15 yrs+ and weened self of all opiods with cannabis and now ‘control’ pain from failed spinal fusion and damaged nerves. Grow own medicine, make what I need from plants. Knew about these enhancers. Edibles are wonderful when you know the correct dose needed for YOU. Experiment to find level that works.

      • Have had chronic pain since 1995 and been on pain meds. I have not found a strain that takes away the pain. Do you have any suggestions? on

        I Have had chronic pain since 1995 and been on pain meds. I have not found a strain that takes away the pain. Do you have any suggestions?

        • I would love to know also, for the same reasons! While I’m aware that I shouldn’t expect to be completely pain free, I’m just trying to find a strain that at least can give a great body high, so perhaps I’ll be numb enough not to feel too much lol. Any suggestions out there? Thanks!!!😊

        • Oils work the best for me and gee come to think of it, so do certain vegis and fruitts are quite important to my diet.

    • Try Pranic Healing for your condition. I owe my life & happiness to this healing modality. It’s a million times better than reiki. Good luck & be well.

  6. If you make your own edibles, add a Tbsp of sunflower lecithin to the buddah or oil while it brews. It helps either of them absorb the THC better and make a stronger final ingredient.

  7. I take morphine and Percocet for the time being, would much rather smoke a good indicator, I have ESRD and I am on a transplant waiting list and live in California, the sad thing is if I partake any extract or smoke anything UC DAVIS will refuse to give me a kidney transplant, this makes me really sad seeing as it is very legal here, I still maintain a recommendation, but I am afraid to use anything, if I do they will withhold a life saving transplant

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