Flowers and Friends:’s Guide to National Best Friends Day With Your Best Buds | Marijuana

Flowers and Friends:’s Guide to National Best Friends Day With Your Best Buds


Who do you want to unwind and smoke with after you roll up? Your best friend.


No one knows you better than your best friend. We appreciate their existence and blunt (no pun intended) honesty (sometimes), so let’s take a minute to celebrate our partners-in-crime and treat them to a day of adventurous nonsense. Whether your best friend is your brother, sister, bae, or good old reliable Mary Jane, pick up some fresh flowers, scoop up your bestie and prepare for a day filled with thrills and maybe even chills.

To celebrate National Best Friends Day, we have made a list of things for you and your BFF to experience. Put on some comfortable shoes, bring a jacket, sandal, and grab the bag that holds your shit together and get ready for a field day of festivities.


Live within reach of a body of water? Bake under the sun with your bestie and a blunt at the beach. Roll up a sweet blunt, pack a basket filled with sandwiches and snacks such as chocolate-covered pretzels, chips, granola bars, and sports drinks. And be sure to bring a blanket to sit on, because we’re lighting up and unwinding with the sound of crashing waves, snack basket at the ready to satisfy any aggressive munchies. Keep in mind, of course, this is only legal if you own waterfront property. Adventurous smokers be advised: Public consumption is against the law in most places weed is legal.


Make cooking more fun with your canna-chef companion. Infused or non-infused, whip up baked goods or cook up your own National Best Friends Day celebration meal or satisfy your competitive nature — and munchies — by challenging your friend to a pairing game. Use those leftover beach snacks and pair them with the flower strain that best emphasizes the strain’s terpene profile. Smoking and snacking at the same time. What a time to be alive!


Hikes are a wonderful way to strengthen not only your muscles but also, friendship bonds. Best friends care about your health. Pack your backpack with your exploring essentials, then pick a spot to trail off with your BFF.  Roll up then roll out. Pick your spots wisely — see the above warning about public consumption — and spark up endless conversations away from social obligations to get lost in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

When the unsaid “best friend bond” has been created, every hangout becomes a monumental memory that strengthens the threshold of your friendship. Take a road trip to escape the city, or go camping and set up a temporary home base under the stars. Time spent with your best friend is undoubtedly priceless.


Tell us how you celebrate National Best Friends Day or take a few minutes to tell us why your bestie is the best.

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