’s 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Dankest Dads | Marijuana’s 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Dankest Dads


The time is drawing near. You have one weekend left to shop for a Father’s Day gift. Maybe you’ve resorted to last-minute, subpar Father’s Day gifts for too many years in a row, and this is the year to break the cycle. Or, maybe you need a non-traditional gift for the alternative father figure in your life.

There are a million reasons to break the mold and go for a dank Father’s Day gift this year, and there’s never been a better time for the dad in your life to jump on the concentrates train.

Vape and dab enthusiasts have more options than ever before, from an ever-expanding array of vape pens and dab rigs to a whole booming industry of high-end concentrates such as CBD vape oils and terpene-rich cartridges. Whether your dad is a veteran dab fiend or completely unaware of the rapidly growing, worldwide vape coalition, this is the year to expand his horizons with the 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Brass Knuckles Adjustable Gold Battery

Brass Knuckles Adjustable Gold Battery 900mAh

Brass Knuckles Adjustable Gold Battery 900mAh

For the sophisticated dad who likes to get in touch with his (non-toxic) masculine side, the adjustable gold vape battery from Brass Knuckles is the perfect accessory. If your dad is new to vaping, the battery’s adjustable voltage and gold finish will make for a winning introduction. And if he’s is the rugged outdoorsman type, Brass Knuckles also makes a gorgeous wood-finish adjustable battery. Go the extra mile and pair a gold or wood-finish battery with a Brass Knuckles Sour D cartridge so dad can take his new toy for a spin ASAP.

Vapen Portable V-Nail

Vapen Dab Pen

Vapen Dab Pen

Dad is sure to love the smooth, powerful, user-friendly dab he’ll get from Vapen’s Portable V-Nail and concentrates. The Vapen V-Nail offers the full force of a standard dab rig in one portable tool that dad can easily take on a weekend getaway or quiet afternoon in the backyard hammock. If your dad is looking for a potent alternative to smoking that doesn’t require a lot of conspicuous hardware, this will be the gift that makes his Father’s Day.

West Coast Cure Budder

West Coast Cure Turbo Diesel Budder

West Coast Cure Turbo Diesel Budder

Another one for the dad who dabs. West Coast Cure’s delectable line of concentrate budder is guaranteed to win you the award for Best Father’s Day Gift Ever. Whether it’s Paris OG or Hardcore Strawberry Banana, every budder from West Coast Cure boasts an unbeatable flavor that perfectly emulates its parent cultivar. Much like a fine wine or box of cigars, West Coast Cure budder is an excellent treat for Dad to take to social functions and win over the crowd.  

Stiiizy Battery Starter Kit and Vape Pod

Stiiizy Starter Kit

Stiiizy Starter Kit

Your dad may be a veteran stoner, but new to the myriad of vape technologies available to modern consumers. The Stiiizy Battery Starter Kit and Vape Pods will make a great first impression. One hit from a Stiiizy Pod is powerful enough to make dad feel like he just took a fresh hit from a full dab rig. The Stiiizy Battery comes in a smooth, shiny black design that’ll allow Dad to vape with style as well as discretion. The pod-style cartridges come in a variety of strain flavors and the shape takes the guesswork out of cartridge-battery compatibility — Stiiizy pods work with Stiiizy batteries.

Illuminent CBD Vape Oil

Perhaps your dad needs some alternative therapy for those old-man aches and pains. With some Illuminent Full-Spectrum CBD vape oil on hand, he’ll be singing your praises for giving him the gift of relief. We all know how much dad treasures his downtime. Illuminent CBD vape oil provides just the right amount of remedial chill to let him relax with a good book or in front of the TV without the usual aura of discomfort.

Lemon Tree BBQ Sauce

Lemon Tree BBQ Sauce 600mg

Lemon Tree BBQ Sauce 600mg

No, this isn’t the type of “sauce” your dad should vape. But it is the tasty, tangy, THC-infused cooking item that every stellar dad deserves this Summer. If your dank dad is ready to take some chances with his barbecue recipe this year, Lemon Tree BBQ Sauce will spice up his prime cuts in more ways than one.

And if dad likes his Lemon Tree BBQ Sauce, introduce him to Lemon Tree’s delectable concentrate line.

For many of us, Father’s Day can feel more like a chore than a wholesome family event. It’s one of those minor holidays where the gift-giving and family time can get stale and performative real fast. Dabbing with Dad may be just the thing to make a tired, over-commercialized tradition meaningful again.

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