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Strain Review: London Poundcake #27


Cannabis consumers come in many forms so we’ve included multiple points of view in our strain reviews. Our longtime reviewers Monterey Bud and Duke London join Multimedia Coordinator Allena Braithwaite and Managing Editor Lesley Nickus. Today, they’ll be reviewing London Poundcake #27 by Cookies.

Cookies London Poundcake #27

Lab Test Results by Sonoma Lab Works
Calculated THC: 23.87%
THCa: 25.05%
THC: 1.84%
CBD: 0.00%

Monterey Bud

Lemon Poundcake #27, originally cultivated by NorCal’s Cookie Fam, provides a fresh breath of vanilla-infused air. Berner approved, the genetics utilized in this delicious mashup remains a proprietary secret. Best described as nature-inspired art, the strain’s diverse phenotypes produce a vibrant, refined, and incredibly dense flower. My nug of LP#27 was converted into rosin with just a dab of pressure. While it seemed like a criminal act, squishing this beautiful flower, the end result was nothing short of some delicious rosin. Juiced, dabbed, and held for effect, the high from the Lemon Poundcake #27 provided the inspirational kick-in-the-ass needed to get my Hump Day rolling smoothly.

Duke London

While I’m not sure what baked goods from London actually taste like, I’ve heard they are very biscuit-like and somewhat bland. So going into this review of London Poundcake, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, like a strain called Vanilla Ice Cream. Boy, was I wrong. This pack of Cookies, crafted by Berner’s team of top notch cultivators, was next-level delicious. With a frosty seafoam green and dark copper exterior, the flower smelled like gasoline before breaking apart the dense buds. Once the super sticky tree was broken apart, strong citrus notes escaped. You’ll definitely want a grinder, as breaking her up by hand was a chore. As I puffed regally on this British baked delight, I felt a strong sense that I’d be able to keep calm and carry on with ease.

Allena Braithwaite

I’ll be the first to attest to Cookies compliance. Not only did each package have a sticker with lab test results, but opening the zipper-top plastic bag was a humbling challenge. Ego aside, it always gives added peace of mind to know that pets or children won’t be able to accidentally break in. Once those mighty, yet tiny, plastic locks broke free, London Poundcake #27’s musky scent released — and I shamelessly buried my nose into the bag. The buds look intimidatingly compact, but were spongy to the touch. When I broke it up into my bowl, I could see glittery specks of trichomes everywhere. This flower is strong. The hits are smooth and replicate the musky aroma in flavor. Boy was I faded! London Poundcake #27 took me to another planet of cool calm and good vibes.

Lesley Nickus

What does it look like?
Mint green in color. Fluffy nugs.

What does it smell like?
Diesely with floral notes.

How does it feel?
Trichome dust was stuck to my fingers after I squeezed it.

How did you smoke it?
In a pipe.

How does it taste?
Bright and tasty.

How do you feel?
Definitely a head change, but I can still focus. This is daytime weed for sure.

Strain reviews are conducted on strains submitted by cultivators and brands for consideration. If you have a favorite strain you’d like us to review, share your feedback in the comments.

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My name is Monterey Bud and I was born in Long Beach and raised on the central coast. I surf, dab, burn and write. I'm a husband, a father and a lifelong consumer of connoisseur grade weed. I have been writing about marijuana strains, science, and politics for since 2012. A Big Sur cultivator from the pre-helicopter days, I'm a big fan of new strains and breaking news. I can be reached on Twitter @MontereyBud


  1. I have to comment on your use of font. I know I’m not young anymore, but on my iPhone, the letters are so narrow (thin) , I can barely read your article. I had to stop after your first review because the letters started to disappear. Please take a look at your work on an IPhone. But add 40 years to your age (30ish) first. Thanks.

  2. I have Transverse Myelitis, Blue Dream pressed Kief has helped but not always available. Is Hawaiian Dreamz coming to a dispensary in Illinois soon? Why do some terepines work better and is there anyway to track genetic experimentation for patients? Or be a tester for Cannabis?

  3. Nick Felice on

    My buddy picked some of this up the other day. I was driving to Santa Cruz from the bay area (listening to trance). This strain was super euphoric. It put me into an super happy mood. No couchlock feeling yet very calm. Not sleepy but not jacked like a gg4 or jack herer. The sunset sherbert influence helps with that I’m sure. I’ve been smokin on alot of my own strains I grew so I haven’t been sampling a ton of strains lately but this London pound cake was the best herb I’ve smoked in years.
    Also it tastes amazing and very smooth. Sweet, floral, cakey and the inhale tastes different from the exhale. Making this strain one that I would definitley put on my fav list.

  4. Cooke fam are frauds that steal others genetics and act like they created it. London pound cake is a f2 only someone else’s creation. I e had the pleasure of growing this strain from seed (yes there are seeds) and kind this one o pop up a few times. Cookie fam are a group of clowns.

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