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Where My Dogs At? Meet the Cute Canines of Marijuana.com


By Gianina DiPietro

Think back to a time when you were having a rough day at work. Maybe you got a flat on the freeway, or your coffee spilled all down your shirt when you had to slam on your brakes in morning rush hour.

Whatever it was, think about it. Think about the stress that filled you, the overwhelming ire you felt.

Now, think about something that would have made it better. Anything?

What about puppies?

You may not know it, but Marijuana.com is located inside the Weedmaps Headquarters in Irvine. “Bring Your Pet to Work Day” is an everyday occurrence here.


Meet Rollo, a standard-size rescue dachshund whose stumpy feet and long bod were irresistible to passers-by. He made himself at home in the Marketing Pit, where he enjoyed receiving all of the belly rubs. Sadly, this sassy sausage is on leave from Weedmaps while he sorts out his priorities.


Bandit is a six-month-old cattle dog who gives the best hugs. He is definitely the cool kid on the block, but also gives off “good-boy-next-door” vibes. If you’re lucky, he may take you for a ride and pull you in your swivel chair on a slow Friday.


Our most recent office mascot is so fluffy you’re gonna die. Booker is a 9-week-old goldendoodle pupper who is still learning how to use his long legs. Right now, his favorite things are chewing everything, napping and keeping his dad awake at night with potty training.


Charger Nickus (right) Mary Jane Nickus (left)

Occasional visitors to the office, Charger and Mary Jane like to lounge around the Marijuana.com office in the big bean bag and alert the team of any potential intruder. While we appreciate the warning, this is why they only come around every so often.

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