Strain Review: Kiwi Strawberry by Synergy


Cannabis consumers come in many forms so we’ve included multiple points of view in our strain reviews. Reviewers Monterey Bud and Allena Braithwaite join Managing Editor Lesley Nickus and Contributor Suzy Nguyen. Today, they’ll be reviewing Kiwi Strawberry by Synergy.

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Monterey Bud

Visually speaking, Synergy’s Kiwi Strawberry strain resembles neither strawberries nor kiwis.  Conical shaped with olive green calyces and burnt sienna pistils, these buds are loaded with beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids, rather than vitamin C and fiber. In opening our sample jar, I was instantly hit with all sorts of pleasant-smelling aromas: strawberries, melons, and  citrus. Rolled, lit, and ripped as my morning pacifier, the joint tasted like a smokable Schnozzberry smoothie. Providing a mental respite for the weary mind, the high was less physical and more mental – at least for me. Almost instantly motivated, I soon found myself doing those household chores I ordinarily loathe.

Allena Braithwaite

Kiwi Strawberry is a frosty, floral delight. Long, stringy orange pistils spread throughout the flower and radiated a fresh scent. Wrapped up and ready to spark, Kiwi Strawberry produced botanical flavors. When it came to taste these ladies weren’t quite as fruity as expected. Instead, they expressed a herby, plantlike profile. I was not let down by the difference — these buds emitted a smooth, easy-tokin’ drag. The high came out of nowhere. I was talking with our fellow reviewers when suddenly, boom! I was stoned. Luckily it wasn’t a foggy one this time around. Maybe next time, Mary Jane.

Suzy Nguyen

Ripe and ready for rolling, today I got to smoke on Synergy’s Kiwi Strawberry. These moderately dense strawberry-shaped flowers extend burnt orange feelers that protrude through the glistening bed of greens. My eyes immediately shift to the trichomes dripping off the leaves. The bright and slightly citrusy scent of the bud implied that it has Sativa genes. When I sparked the joint, the hit draws in strong strawberry and floral flavors that fuse to create the strawberry kiwi essence. After smoking the joint, I felt motivated and focused. I was still able to stay productive and execute my workout without a hitch.

Lesley Nickus

At first whiff, Kiwi Strawberry is sweet with grassy notes. When I put the flower through my grinder, the bright citrusy freshness exploded. The nug was very dense and bright green with lots of orange pistils and a thick coating of frosty trichomes. When smoked in a joint, Strawberry Kiwi is very flavorful, with a sweetness that has an earthy quality to it. I felt uplifted and alert, with an occasional fog when transitioning between tasks. I’m going to save this strain for when I have a long list of things to do around the house and little motivation to do them.

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    If it looks that good I only imagine what it smell like and taste like, I really need some of that for my pain that I’m in all day everyday! If u can help with this hit me back.

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