When West Coast Cure Sends Its Extracts, It’s Sending Its Best — Grape Gas | Marijuana

When West Coast Cure Sends Its Extracts, It’s Sending Its Best — Grape Gas


West Coast Cure is working aggressively to Make America Grape Again! There are lot of different types of concentrates being sold in legal states during these tumultuous times. In California, the THCA diamonds found in Grape Gas are utilized to counteract some of the mental anxiety caused by today’s politics of the absurd.

Produced by the skilled extract artists at West Coast Cure (WCC), my gram of Grape Gas flexed its authoritative power at first whiff. A yellowish and orange concoction of cannabis compounds, WCC’s Grape Gas crystalline is a hit with SoCal’s 710 fans.









Appearance: Grape Gas has helped bring the world high-end hash (extracts) out of the dark ages in California. On par with some of the best concentrates Colorado has to offer, Grape Gas is a bottomless mine of hybridized, THCA crystalline and mood altering compounds. Covered in strain-specific terpenes, the THCA crystals in my sample were the size of tiny diamonds in the rough.

Dab: The Grape Gas vape was dabbed from my quartz bucket and was carb capped and held for full effect. Vaped, ghosted, and released, the vaporized hit of Grape Gas was the perfect remedy for a Fourth of July hangover. More medicinal than recreational, my early morning July 5 rip of Grape Gas eliminated queasiness and a throbbing headache.

Flavor: The Grape Gas is pure fuego. WCC’s Gas has a complex flavor profile of candied citrus and ripened grapes. A little taste of West Coast liberalism, WCC’s delicious Grape Gas was created for hardworking people who put in real effort to obtain the American dream.  

The High: West Coast Cure has obviously mastered The Art of the Dab. Not only is Grape Gas a relaxing snap that ignites objective analysis, it’s potent terpenes soothe the aching body as it unlocks human compassion and empathy. A terrific dab for turbulent times, Grape Gas  can truly Make America Great Again — or at least more relaxed and tolerant of others.

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