Alaska to Seek Public Comment for Onsite Consumption at Marijuana Shops


By, Becky Bohrer

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Alaska cannabis regulators will take public comment on the latest draft proposal for allowing onsite use of marijuana in authorized stores.

The Marijuana Control Board voted Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2018, for a 60-day comment period and to hold a public hearing.

Regulators have gone back and forth for several years about onsite use, adopting rules that contemplate marijuana consumption where it’s purchased, but never finalizing how that would work.

The draft calls for consumption areas separated from other areas of a retail store by walls and a secure door, a smoke-free place for employees, and a special ventilation system.

The draft also allows for outdoor consumption areas if the board finds that compatible with neighboring uses.

Local governments, via ordinance or a ballot question, could bar onsite use or aspects of it, such as smoking.

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  1. Ancient James on

    Think of a place where Cannabis use in public is not a legal issue at all and there are no “rules” about smoking it, like the Netherlands for example. Would it end up wild and chaotic? As it turns out, not at all; you rarely if ever see anyone smoking it outside.

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