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Concentrate Review: An Orange Soda You Can Dab? That’s incredibles!


If “Dabs?” is the question, then Orange Soda Live Resin is the answer.

If you’re already familiar with high-end edibles, chances are you’ve heard of the Colorado-based marijuana brand Incredible Extracts. While Incredible Extracts has been busy racking up trophies, accolades, and top-product mentions for its edibles since 2012, its live resins have gained a lofty reputation within certain 710-circles. Succulent and effectual, Orange Soda Live Resin is the refined sibling of 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup award-winning Orange Soda Shatter. Cultivated and extracted by Incredible Extracts, Orange Soda Live Resin is the byproduct of an in-house breeding project, a cross of the Jillybean 13 strain and an uncirculated OG.


Orange Soda Live Resin flashes her blend of delicious terpenes and cannabinoids at first glance. Amber, orange, and visually appealing, this tasty live resin is slathered in strain-specific terpenes and reeks of a distinct citrus frunk the minute it’s unleashed from its container. The ultimate expression of Incredible Extracts’ elite genetics and cutting-edge extraction technology, Orange Soda Live Resin is a terpy vape for relieving the physical tension on those long, hot summer nights.


If, somehow, weed fails you, these dabs are sure to work. Flash-vaporized in the blink of an eye, the scoop of live resin melted from my dabbing tool into the quartz bucket in less than a second. Reduced to a therapeutic puddle of terpenes and cannabinoids, my dab of Orange Soda Live Resin provided the motivational kick in the ass I needed to seize the day. An awesome hybrid concentrate with a wonderful full-bodied flavor, this extract is the perfect dab for providing a little daytime motivation or nighttime relaxation.


The intense citrus flavor hits hard. My first dab exposed the live resin’s flavors of grapefruit, oranges and tangerines, followed by a sweet effervescent fuel funk. These dabs will have your taste buds doing a serious double-take.

The High

The Orange Soda Live Resin created an overwhelming sense of mental and physical relaxation. Guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning connoisseur, this concentrate polished my aura and enhanced my depleted psyche.

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