Concentrate Review: Say Cheese! Picture a Next-level Dab, and You Have Green Dot Labs’ Excellent Exodus Extract | Marijuana

Concentrate Review: Say Cheese! Picture a Next-level Dab, and You Have Green Dot Labs’ Excellent Exodus Extract


Black Label Exodus Cheese 4g is a full-spectrum extract that offers next-level dabs for the consumer adventurous enough to try. Colorado’s Green Dot Labs cultivated and produced this delectable dab. The company adheres to one overarching philosophy when it comes to producing high-end concentrates: Quality In, Quality Out.

The first thing I noticed as I prepared to test-dab this intriguing combination of crystallized cannabinoids and taste-defying terps for my Friday review was Exodus Cheese’s amazing scent and luminous quality.


Aesthetically speaking, this live resin is simply jaw-dropping. My gram of Exodus Cheese was large and in charge with major THC crystals floating in a reservoir of golden-yellow concentrate. The product of modern extraction technology, the crystals were clear, angular, and visually motivating. After gathering the right amount of psychoactive syrup on my dabbing tool, it was time to end my work week on a positive note.


Devotees of the modern concentrate are sure to become infatuated with Exodus Cheese. The forceful dab liquefied in my banger in a matter of seconds. The dab, taken after the bucket was brought to heat and cooled for approximately 30 seconds, was held and ghosted for maximum effect. Less hack, better taste. The dab was as delicious as it was powerful. The relaxed nature (i.e. high) instilled from that first dab lasted until the early evening.


I found the dab to be incredibly flavorful, tasting vaguely of blueberries and blue cheese. Produced from fresh frozen flowers, the Exodus Cheese live resin enjoys a depth of flavor that is typically hard to find in your average concentrate. Tasting like a delectable cross between a buttery cheese and a nutty skunk, the dab provided a creative burst of flavor before for my dinner.

The High

Exodus Cheese proved itself to be a noteworthy member of GDL’s Black Label line, particularly as the high set in. After initially slapping me in the forehead with an uplifting rush, the high led to a little mental decompression and a stoned, eureka moment: whenever your refrigerator is empty in the 21st century, utilize the luxury of food delivery apps. #FirstWorldMunchies

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  1. Hi Bud. I’m new to the oils,edibles,etc. A Grandma using for pain relief. I love the efibles,and have tried oils. Maybe try vaping. Any suggestions as far as buying online.. Thank you

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