Instagram Deactivated Two Popular Cannabis Influencers, But They Push Back and Demand Answers | Marijuana

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  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Great report, Nicolas. Thanks for the effort! This particular censorship trend is indeed disturbing. Sadly, for too many decades, members of the U.S. Congress have been utterly derelict in their duty to repeal the fraudulent Schedule 1 “marihuana” classification. Their despicable inaction and gridlock on this otherwise urgent public issue both serve to completely justify the censorship.

    Thank goddess, the long slog of official and corporate repression seems to be setting a critical mass of cannabis-defender ladies on fire. I love what Ms. Byers and Ms. Emery are saying and doing; I hope they get millions more all fired up!

  2. Omg Will the rest of this world get their stuff together prohibition is over you could post things about alcohol and I’ll kinds of other stuff but people still frown on the bud Get over it people successful professionals smoke this stuff doctors lawyers psychiatrists you name it marijuana has never been known to destroy anyone’s life now you talk about cocaine and heroin that’s a whole different story you could even get into gambling and that would destroy your life but smoking a little pot this enhances your life kind of funny how you can post things about alcohol or anything else and it’s OK but the minute you mention that word marijuana all hell breaks loose Get over yourself Instagram this is 2018

    • Indeed you are not alone. I feel as I am sure others can attest, it’s more than censorship. It is our health and well-being that is at stake. It is a conspiracy from the highest levels known to all citizens. The pharmaceutical companies, paper companies, our burdened healthcare systems, our policing bodies, clothing manufacturers, and many other manufacturers of everyday products we use (and are probably unsafe for our use compared to hemp products or bi-products), research foundations (cancer, diabetes) who all collect billions and trillions of dollars every year in the name of good business. These products should be in grocery stores for edibles to be consumed by us as it promotes good health by providing our bodies with antioxidants and essential fatty acids to repair, maintain and regenerate our bodies at the cellular level. Shame on our ancestors for manipulating, creating illness and killing so many people. Stay strong and stick together. Strength in numbers!!!!

  3. Lol… so thots with their butts covered by a string and people making racist crap posts all day are okay, but a picture of a plant is bad… Release the list of accounts that she knows flagged her – never know when a rogue bot-net might use the same power to give them a taste of their own medicine..

  4. Weedmaps,
    The censorship that you have experienced goes way beyond Instagram and Weedmaps, this is happening on Youtube with a lot of the huge cannabis channels on there, Customgrow420 being the greatest example. Internet censorship also goes beyond cannabis, it happens in the political spectrum too. As a conservative, who also happens to be a cannabis user, I can say that I have experienced the harshness of internet censorship. This ultimately comes down the big tech giants, they are influencing the world to support their agenda and their lobbyists (big pharma is a great example). Just because we don’t agree with some peoples political ideas doesn’t mean that we should turn a blind eye in the midst of their suppression, as we now see this will eventually happen to all of us, even when it is not political. Democrat or Republican, Cannabis user or not, we need to stand up to big tech and take them down, they are destroying not only this country, but the entire world. Please feel free to contact me on this issue further.

  5. screw all these platforms. they have to “abide” by rules, and by the time they catch up to you, or “their” algorithms catch up to you, its over. These logic learning outbound procedures are making the way to block ppl easier and faster these days. They get smarter and smarter each time they catch you. This is why so many ppl can get hit at once, or why it takes a while for them to catch you.

    Take this for example, if “the gram” wants to sensor all dick pix, it ain’t going to use in-house devs to search tables and tables of records, instead they create what we like to call AI machines to catch these things. Once those things catch on its pretty much over…

  6. The fact of the matter is regardless if you use cannabis recreationally or medicinally it’s a wonderful alternative to alcohol and pharmaceuticals. I cannot take any pharma for pain, insomnia or other medical challenges. That makes me nearly suicidal. I didn’t start using cannabis medicinally until my early 50’s and I am much better for it, as are other members of my family. I was anti cannabis for years and I have done a complete 180. As a writer it is my privilege to write about the wonderful benefits when asked and how to navigate it for just the right results. I’m touring facilities and bringing important information where needed. It “shifts” me (feel free to use my terminology) for all the right and positive reasons. So I can be exposed to lewd content and racist or discriminating content on Instagram but not to cannabis content? I think Instagram needs to get its priorities straight. (Pun intended, Thank you!)

  7. I’ve noticed this also in the Sacramento area. We have these pop up parties in compliance with the law and those accounts are always being shut down.

  8. “Attention Mark Zuckerberg…please report to the lost and found. Both your testicles have been located and it’s obvious the world was better when you had your balls intact.”

  9. Instagram is mainly targeted to a very young audience, pre-teens and teens. Marketing of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis should not be marketed or advertised in those venues. I’m a long, long time cannabis user. When we reach the age of consent we are free to choose that path if we wish. Cannabis should NOT be marketed this way.

  10. You said it, big pharma is running out lives. In 1998 the American medical association stated that docs were not treating there patients with enough pain meds. Now 20 years later they have killed off more than 50,000 people per year over the age of 55. Think about it, it takes most of those people off Medicare and social security,that’s over one million people have died because of opiates . And thats just people over 55 we are nothing more than guinny pigs for big pharma. If took twenty years for the respond that there was a epidemic,after the big pharmas made billions and billions at our expense and death. So tell me Instagram why are you blocking a natural plant that has that has been on this planet forever and has never been a death that has been documented. You should get your priorities strait. This have is helping millions of people that were hooked on pharmacy drugs i.e. oxcycotten and other very dangerous drugs,docs are way to willing to right prescriptions that they really don’t know anything about..I am a survivor off those opiates. It’s been over 5 years since I’ve taking these drugs ,and I’m still having problems from taking those drugs. Cannabis is the only thing that helped me on the way to recovery. I live in Alaska and we are in the bottom if health care . I am turning 66 on 9 11 if it wasn’t for cannabis I’d be a statistic also. So Instagram get your priorities strait.I pray that you will be reinstated on Instagram because I am a follower of all cannabis news.

    • There are patients with debilitating chronic pain who no longer have access to opiates now killing themselves. True story.

      Opiates are not the problem. Cannabis is not the problem. Even corporations are not the problem. The problem is the GOVERNMENT.

      • Let’s hope for the sake of society, that Instagram is not what people are relying on to teach our children right from wrong. Are people becoming so lazy that they don’t want to teach their own children right from wrong? Might as well hand all of our freedom over to the government and continue to let them make laws that go against our freedom to decide for ourselves what is good or bad, right or wrong. Come on, do we really need social media to decide what’s ok for our children?
        Are we that easily misled? Where are our priorities?
        Wait…is this the same reason why the adults are wondering why Just Say No was full of lies and the reason why some home school their children?
        Letting others make decisions for us has never been a good idea. What’s freedom?

      • You are correct Susan. I’m one of those people with Chronic Pain and can’t get anything strong enough from the doctors to help my pain I can’t seem to get approved for disability either because tbey say I should be able to work. I’m stuck in a chair or laying on the couch all day because Chronic Pain and depression takes away any motivation or desire to be able to do anything.

        I’ve worked and paid into Social Security since the age of 13 (30 years). I learned that I have degenerative disc disease in 1995 and compressed spinal cord in 2 places in my neck. I also have root impingement arthrosis and other issues related to the disease.

        I was able to work up until 2013 by taking pain meds and a couple other meds for chronic muscle spasm and anxiety that causes severe headaches.

        In 2013, doctors stopped prescribing the medication that helped me continue working all those years despite the pain and complications cause by my condition.

        I lost my job, my home, 2 different marriages, and a very good relationship.

        It’s a struggle for me to want to live everyday. If it wasn’t for my belief in God, I would’ve chosen to end it all long before now.

        The system is broken and our government doesn’t care about people. I should’ve’ been approved for disability so that I don’t have to rely on orher people to pay my bills, or my doctor needs to be able to prescribe me the meds that helps me so that I can be halfway functional again. Instead the government continues to outlaw natural plants that may help and my doctor continues to prescribe crap that doesn’t even make the slightest improvement.

        Government officials and doctors should be required to suffer for a few weeks in the shoes of someone with Chronic pain so they can completely understand what it feels like to have to deal with it every day and they should also be required to work with the pain with no medication.

      • Can I ask if you have given any thought to the bodies that police and “uphold” the law to protect citizens? The opiate problem is a dismay to the RCMP, DEA for example who continue to spin new committees, special initiatives to combat such epidemics…for example joint force efforts to control the cross border opiate smuggling between Canada and USA. This, if I recall was in the early 2000’s. Dare I ask how much funding did these parties get to implement and enforce? Regular hard working people, fighting struggling, current wages set back 25 yrs-cost of living gone up and up and up, Making it harder and harder to make it. Duel income families, generations of latch key kids, abused women and children from alcoholism and these hard drugs and pharmaceuticals destroying people and families and many other life changing addictions and events.
        Stand strong!!! Keeping supporting cannabis advocates, keeping speaking out, & sign petitions, and knowledge is power. A collective voice is a strong voice.

  11. It’s not just cannabis groups being censored. All of the major social media hosting sites will deplatform anyone with an opinion that doesn’t match the official narrative and has more than a handful of followers.

    The old, “First, they came for the Jews, but I am not a Jew…” applies well here. We ALL deserve freedom of thought and speech, whether we agree with the message or not.

  12. Kristina Campese on

    Instagram should be sued for discrimination by several groups. I AM sitting on PROOF of its practice of silencing. Anyone interested to know can find me on IG as singtosurvive, you don’t have to follow, I don’t need attention, I need to spread the truth. I was on the channel 2 news in LA, top story on a Friday night because Instagram deleted my account for no reason and pics of my deceased brother were taken from me. FB/IG are shameful.

  13. Paul D Shaffer on

    There will be many remaining religious and ultra-conservative morons with heads buried deeply in their nether region for years to come. Their influence is waning. We are simply witnessing the last frantic death throes of the Cannabis prohibition era.

  14. Social media is not the only place where the cannabis industry has been hit hard by regulation. Advertising platforms, Amazon, AdWords, and AdRoll are still reluctant to allow legal products — medical marijuana in legal states — to be promoted. Organic SEO seems to be the best approach for many cannabis businesses, and it is sad to see organic social media accounts getting disabled as well.

    Marijuana posts on social media and the companies that create them have some of the biggest challenges because they can’t use paid approaches to promote their posts. This is why those who do make a massive organic impact, like these mentioned in the article, are so severely impacted.

    I covered this topic in-depth and talk about some ways to get around marijuana regulation so you can build your cannabrand.

  15. The answer is, its a infringement on our first amendment right. The right to free expression and the free flow of information being censored. That’s how it works, start with the biggest, once they are gone there will be no problem censoring that pic of your beautiful harvest. What are you going to do against a multi billion dollar corporation with enough money to wait you out in court until you are broke? Nothing that’s what, but it doesn’t have to be that way. These, what should be considered public utility’s, have too much power to censor anyone they don’t agree with. Next thing you know that picture of your hotrod will be gone because it encourages speeding. Hopefully we can all agree that, as Americans we all have the right to freely express our self within the law. No matter how stupid, wrong, or just plain bad someone else thinks it is. If you don’t like the post, don’t look simple as that. I could get into the facts that states have the right to make their own laws, or how other industries such as tobacco, alcohol, or even energy drink companies that promote a far worse product. In my opinion anyway, see first amendment! The problem is more complicated then just the cannabis community, it is a far reaching catastrophe that touches many. We must stand up against all censorship or lose the right to speak at all.

  16. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google have all been censoring free speech. Whether you are liberal or conservative this should have you very concerned about these huge corporations and what they are doing to our democracy!

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