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Product Review: The Real Paris OG was Louvre at First Sight


From vape pens to its Dabox, Paris OG has created efficient ways to dab oils to experience the ultimate flavor of each concentrate. This Cannabis Cup-winning brand is setting the industry ablaze with its potently flavored products. Since 2006, the Paris OG team has expanded its product lines while remaining true to each strain’s staple. Each product is easily recognizable in the trademark black-and-yellow Paris OG packaging.

Live Resin

If this is how the French like to fry up the dabs, count me in! After a dip and a dab, I was blown away by the amazing and authentic flower taste after a hit of Paris OG’s Live Resin sauce. True to its genetics, Paris OG releases a strong, earthy flavor with a zesty blast of citrusy pine. The sauce smelled nearly identical to the flower form of the strain and hit flawlessly. The dab was smooth and rich in flavor. After a few sizzling scoops, I felt completely poised and carefree. My face felt truly relaxed and my body left a very noticeable imprint in the memory foam cushions. All in all, Paris OG’s eponymous Live Resin represents the flower’s signature flavors and delivers undeniable potency.  

Vessel Vape Pen

The Real Paris OG’s Vessel vape pen is the perfect companion for discreet out-and-about medicating. The sleek, compact design fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and the battery packs 350 milliamps per hour. The LED battery indicator stays lit when you hit the Vessel on a full charge. When the battery is low, the blue light will flash. To charge the Vessel vape battery, simply slide the device into the charging port.

The French Cookies Vape Pod sent our taste buds to the moon and back. This Hybrid pod accentuates cocoa and vanilla flavors and leaves a fresh baked cookie flavor. At 500 mg, the French Cookies vape pod was smooth on inhale and exhale — no more coughing after hard hits. French Cookies contains golden THC distillate reinfused with terpenes.


Dabox is no ordinary vaporizer. Designed with a quick charge system, Dabox supports up to 2 amps to allow the battery to charge within an hour. The hit is silky smooth. The dabblicator flavors we used were absolutely kicking, every terpene flavor was on full display. Dabox is easy to clean, the glass chamber slides right out, and the coils can be cleaned with a cotton swab or replaced.

We used the following Paris OG’s distillate dabblicators: Paris OG, Louis XIII OG, and Hardcore OG.

Paris OG had it’s signature earthy lemon taste with a pinch of pine. Louis XIII OG offers a tangy lemon-pine flavor. Hardcore OG tastes like honeyberry and delivers a knockout body high.

The Real Paris OG products are super-user-friendly and come with easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions. So if you’re ready for a taste of Paris, search for Paris OG products in a dispensary near you!  

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