Concentrate Review: House of Cultivar’s Orange Creamsicle Terp Sauce is a Sweet, Citrusy Treat | Marijuana

Concentrate Review: House of Cultivar’s Orange Creamsicle Terp Sauce is a Sweet, Citrusy Treat


The secret to Orange Creamsicle Terp Sauce’s great flavor is the extraction process. Orange Creamsicle Terp Sauce, grown and distributed by House of Cultivar and processed by Oleum Extracts, delivers a piquant dab of tangy orange and velvety vanilla.

Sauced up and bossed up, House of Cultivar is a dominant force in the world of cannabis cultivation in Washington state. Considered one of the largest marijuana grow operations in Seattle, House of Cultivar utilizes both a high-end tissue culturing program and a mother plant library to maintain over 350 strains. In 2017, House of Cultivar won the honor of Best Indoor Grow at the Dope Industry Awards.


House of Cultivar’s terpy sauce resembles a top-notch applesauce, with THCA crystals floating in an amber pond of terpenes and cannabinoids. Just when you thought concentrates couldn’t look or smell any more appealing, these Pacific Northwest artisan extractors have elevated the game. Orange Creamsicle Terp Sauce has a golden, granular, and syrupy consistency that reeks of sweet oranges and delivers a lip-puckering hint of spicy hash.


I wouldn’t expect to accomplish to many complicated tasks after taking a few rips of this sauce. My dab of this clean, smooth, high-THC concentrate gave me a seriously ambrosial experience for the remainder of the day. A sweet and motivational sauce for the brain, my Orange Creamsicle melted slowly and smoothly as I dabbed it from my quartz banger.


This dab tastes very much like a Tangie. The vapor was sweet, yet acidic, as it filled my mouth with a wide range of citrus flavors that cleansed the palate. After my initial dab, there was a sweet and sour taste lingering on my tongue for a solid 30 minutes. The inhale was all sweet and sour tangerines, while the exhale was a silky smooth vanilla. Overall, Orange Creamsicle was a flavorful, refreshing dab for a hot mid-September day.

The High

Orange Creamsicle’s Terp Sauce hit the stress center of my cranium quickly. As my head relaxed and eyes narrowed, I felt a racy and euphoric head buzz dominate my mental state. After a solid 30 minutes of feeling seriously chill and wearing an ear-to-ear grin on my face, the dab’s body high slowly crept up on me. I found Orange Creamsicle’s Terp Sauce to be a great dab for helping to mitigate physical discomfort, stimulate appetite and for kicking back and relaxing.

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  1. I am 69 years of age, a born again Christian and graduate from Cornerstone University. I majored in Systematic Theology. I spent several years in missions from Miami, FL to the streets of Tehran, Iran before the Shah fell. Yet when I was a younger Viet Nam Vet I smoked a lot of cannabis in Lai Kai, 50 miles from South West of Saigon. I ended up getting married and having 2 children and eventually settled into financial services selling life and health insurance that included securities. I am older now, afflicted with chronic sacro-lumbar syndrome, I have arthritic pain in my hands, knees and feet. I look forward to my days to invest, relax and eventually write a book regarding my love for Israel and its prophetic destiny. How wonderful it would be to enjoy some cannabis in the privacy of my home without judgment to dull the pain of aging and to inspire the creative joy that God has given to me. Sorry but I see no sin in doing that at all whatsoever. I would thank God for the pleasure of good strains of weed that is out of the criminals hands where science can explore new products to help my fellow man. I write and say of all this to break the stereo type of the kind of people who would use it.

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