Concentrate Review: Proper Extracts’ Hells Fire Rosin is Damn Fine for Dabbing and Twaxing | Marijuana

Concentrate Review: Proper Extracts’ Hells Fire Rosin is Damn Fine for Dabbing and Twaxing


Hells Fire Rosin by Proper Extracts, the result of crossing Hells OG with an unidentified strain from Crockett Family Farms, combine to deliver a delicious flavor profile that flawlessly fuses some OG funk with a just whisper of fruit-flavored inspiration.

Proper Extracts is a Colorado-based extraction company that individually selects its plants for harvest based on peak maturation. An award-winning company that specializes in making delicious, solvent-free extracts, Proper Extracts won first place for non-solvent extracts at the 2017 Chalice Festival.


The Hells Fire Rosin has the texture of a fine crumble. Slightly honeycombed with a pale beige hue, this rosin has a dry consistency that’s easy to work with, provided you have the right dabbing utensils. A stoney gift from Mother Nature and Proper Extracts, the Hells Fire Rosin has  established a devout following around Denver.

A quick heads-up for the easily frustrated dabber, the Hells Fire Rosin tends to crumble into tiny pieces when touched by your dab tool. It may be a problem for some, but I viewed this crumbly situation as more of an opportunity than an issue.


It’s twax time! For the experienced dabbers, or at least those who have a journeyman’s understanding of marijuana extracts, you probably already know that there’s more than one way to skin a slab of concentrates. Rather than dabbing today’s sample from one of my many oil rigs, I instead opted to roll these fragmented chunks of Hells Fire Rosin into my afternoon joint of Funky OG. After sprinkling a generous amount of the crumble throughout my midday joint, I twisted up my twaxed-out J and dry-hit it for a flavor check. The unlit taste was pure fuego, as should be expected from such a high-end collaboration.

Note: For those on a personal quest to find a truly divine smoke, I highly suggest twaxing your next joint.


The combo joint of Hells Fire Rosin tasted like a flower-infused OG with notes of earth and diesel. With the rosin’s sinfully good combination of flavor and aroma, the combined effects ignited my tongue’s taste buds with its jet-fueled exhale. More intoxicating than just a hit of flower or a dab of concentrates, the synergistic combination seems to allow for a greater entourage effect.

The High

A twaxy excursion to the land of the faded, the high from my joint of Hells Fire Rosin x Funky OG delivered me from what seemed like an unforgiving realm of apathy and anxiety. The combo joint was a high-THC savior for the mind, body, and marriage. As I smoked myself into submission about halfway through the rosin-laced joint, my normal state of ambivalence toward household chores was quickly modified. Rather than viewing them as someone else’s problem, I now viewed their completion as a way to gain favor with the wife. The high came on fast and furious, and I was motivated yet relaxed to remember a very important maxim, “happy wife, happy life.”

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