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Concentrate Review: Viola’s Super Silver Haze Live Budder Shoots and Scores


The Concentrate Review is the other quintessential column. Today, our longtime reviewer Monterey Bud evaluates Viola’s Super Silver Haze Live Budder.

A dab of Viola’s Super Silver Haze Live Budder will provide an inspired philosophical take on life. A concentrate with Sativa-like effects, Super Silver Haze is made from a source flower originally cultivated by Greenhouse Seeds. A potent cross of Skunk #1 x Northern Lights and Haze, Super Silver Haze first solidified its place in cannabis folklore when it captured the first-place trophy three straight years at the High Times Cannabis Cup between 1997 and 1999. Viola is available in California, Colorado, Michigan, Oregon, and Washington, and hopes to expand into Nevada in 2019.

The founder of Viola Extracts, Al Harrington, knows a few things about basketball and great concentrates. After 16 seasons in the National Basketball Association, the former journeyman who now plays in Big3, a 3-on-3 basketball league founded by Ice Cube and featuring retired NBA pros, is pushing the NBA to recognize the medicinal value of the cannabis plant’s therapeutic compounds.


Viola’s Super Silver Haze Live Budder has a blonde, creamy crumble texture that visually explodes from its little puck-shaped container. The color of these concentrates resembles the shade of golden brownies and has an enticing terpy glaze. While some of today’s high-end extracts flash massive THCA crystals, Viola’s Super Silver Haze has a shiny appearance that appears almost sweaty and moist.


A Sativa-like dab with a faint Indica punch effect, Super Silver Haze Live Budder was nothing short of delicious. A melt-in-your-mouth treat when dabbed at a low temperature, I ripped my dab from an e-nail set at 390 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 199 degrees Celsius. Paired with my morning cup of coffee, the vaporized hit of Super Silver Haze provided a crisp cerebral effect and a pleasant Indica-like body buzz.


There’s certainly no doubt the award-winning flavor of the Super Silver Haze flower has been successfully transferred into these delicious extracts. The flavor takes a deep plunge into a realm of citrus. The tangy citrus quickly morphs into a sweet and earthy exhale that will be sure to intrigue dabbers with discerning taste buds.

The High

Super Silver Haze Live Budder instills a motivating mind-set with a bit of an appetite. When Viola’s live budder is combined with a good cup of coffee or espresso, together they offer an alternative means to starting your day. In addition to helping consumers think outside the box, I found Viola’s Super Silver Haze Live Budder to help relieve fatigue, bad moods and stress.

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My name is Monterey Bud and I was born in Long Beach and raised on the central coast. I surf, dab, burn and write. I'm a husband, a father and a lifelong consumer of connoisseur grade weed. I have been writing about marijuana strains, science, and politics for since 2012. A Big Sur cultivator from the pre-helicopter days, I'm a big fan of new strains and breaking news. I can be reached on Twitter @MontereyBud

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