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Strain Review: Jeepers, Creepers — Funky OG’s Effects Are Worth the Wait


The Strain Review is the quintessential column. And since cannabis consumers come in many forms, we’ve included multiple points of view. Our longtime reviewer Monterey Bud joins Lesley Nickus, Allena Braithwaite and Andy Andersen. Today, they’ll be reviewing Funky OG’s Funky OG.

Test results: THC 20.5%; CBD 0.0%; CBN 0.0%. This sample was tested by Cannalysis.

Monterey Bud

“Get on up!” Like the soul-funk of James Brown, Funky OG’s eponymous strain instills a sublime vibe with its kush-flavored smoke.

Some OG’s are just funkier than others, but the loud, green, and robust Funky OG bud was a bit of a trickster with its density. Solid yet malleable, Funky OG was glazed in trichomes and displayed lime-green calyxes mixed with clusters of rust-colored pistils. I hit and held my first few bong rips as my Wednesday afternoon treat. The elevated mindset from my midday sesh provided an inspiring, balanced buzz of motivation, relaxation, and introspection.

Lesley Nickus

Funky OG is a smelly flower that packs a punch. The dense buds are speckled with bright orange hairs and coated in a dusting of trichomes that glitter on the surface. This bud was strong in both flavor and effect. The potent pine and earth flavors hit first, followed by a tingle of mint. Usually, by the third or fourth hit, the flavor of a joint starts to get lost in the combusted plant material, but Funky OG had a delightful taste that kept coming back, hit after hit.

Funky OG’s initial hit was a bit harsher than I am accustomed to. It could have been because we smoked a joint for the sesh, but it made me cough more than other strains have.

Funky OG’s high was what some would describe as a “creeper.” A creeper is known for its subtle, delayed effects that set in without the smoker knowing it. Funky OG definitely crept, as the initial feelings of euphoria and cerebral uplift were gradually replaced by a very deep, introspective high that expanded my mind, but made it hard to remain engaged in conversation. It was as though I were absentmindedly pouring a glass of water, then suddenly the glass was overflowing, and water was running down the kitchen counter. If you’re in the mood for a deep-diving documentary on Netflix or a relaxing walk where you get lost in thought, Funky OG gets the job done.  

Allena Braithwaite

While Funky OG’s buds have quite the presence, this cultivar isn’t all looks — Funky OG delivers potency as well.

The nugs emitted a subtly sour fragrance beneath the more dominating piney, earthy notes. Funky OG was toked as a joint, and a few of the hits sent a harsh, thick plume of smoke through my lungs. And as for the aforementioned potency, the sesh members tapped out by the time we got through two-thirds of the joint. That jay was a creeper (see definition above).

After lunch and a short walk, I came back to work armed with a razor-sharp focus. It felt like the brim of my cap was channeling the computer screens closer to my face. Sound intense? Not quite for a seasoned stoner,  but if you’re a couple tokes kinda person, Funky OG is best used as a slow burn, end of day strain.

A quick packaging note: Funky OG by Funky OG was difficult to open. After watching four full grown adults struggle to get the cap off the container, finally, our social media manager was able to open the container and release the nugs to freedom. Teamwork really does make the dream work.

Andy Andersen

Some strains afford you a certain level of control over the high. Others just toke (ahem) you for a ride. Funky OG is certainly of the latter variety.

The strain’s flavors and aroma were quintessentially earthy and distinctly sharp. In joint form, it was harsh enough to heat up the back of my throat, but smooth enough to run its course without making me cough. An earthy, coffee-ish taste came on strong with every inhale, followed by a subtle, minty bite with every exhale.

The Funky OG high came on slow, but still caught me by surprise with its stark, rapid transitions. It started with some droopy eyelids, then quickly morphed into a pleasant buzz at the back of my neck and base of my skull. That’s when my focus started shifting away from the conversation in the room and deeper into my own thoughts.

Funky OG definitely tempered my usual stoned chattiness for the first 10 minutes or so, but it didn’t leave me in a silent couch lock. Instead, the gentle haziness was swiftly interrupted by a euphoric energy boost that I took outside for a stimulating lunchtime walk. The multifaceted Funky OG experience ended with a slow, steady coast down from my energetic peak and into a prolonged state of physical relaxation and constructive mental focus.

Funky OG works fast and loose, and its high will creep up — you understand that it is a creep by now — on you, but if your experience mirrors mine, it’ll end on a smooth, silky note.  

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