Strain Review: The Architecture of a Fine Preroll is Evident in Nameless Genetics’ Blueprint | Marijuana

Strain Review: The Architecture of a Fine Preroll is Evident in Nameless Genetics’ Blueprint


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Today, the staff reviews Nameless Genetics’ Blueprint. Nameless Genetics’ has long been known for its “No name, just flame” motto, and the NG Blueprint preroll didn’t disappoint on delivering the straight up fire. Here is what the crew had to say:

Monterey Bud

Ordinarily, I’m not a huge fan of the typical prerolled joints, but I absolutely loved the Nameless Genetics’ Blueprint preroll. The preroll’s creamy marriage of honeyed fruit and spicy earth flavors lingered on my palate and delivered the tasty goods, hit after hit.

The Blueprint preroll was a slow burner that made for an even smoke that burned all the way down to the crutch. Blueprint’s effect delivered a quick-hitting, revitalizing and euphoric high that served as a midday motivator. Now energized for the second half of the day, I had a fast-acting head high that provided a lofty mindset that allowed brazen thoughts and ideas to replace the mundane, run-of-the-mill thoughts.

Allena Braithwaite

I enjoyed Nameless Genetics’ Blueprint preroll, and was pleasantly surprised by the fullness of the flavor. Trim is often the plant material that makes its way into prerolls, but this jay was straight fire.

The first hit delivered smooth, blueberry-flavored plumes of sugary sweetness; every smokey exhale elevated me further into bliss. Blueprint also produces an amazing body high. My limbs loosened and the tension in my muscles released completely. Although very potent, Blueprint didn’t overwhelm. For me, the effects seemed to centralize on physical feelings, as opposed to a mind-bending trip — perfect for cozying up with a great book or watching something with a complex plot.

Follow Nameless Genetics’ Blueprint and you’ll build an experience of euphoria and elation.

Side note: picking up a preroll is a great way to test whether you’ll want to buy more of the actual flower.

Lab test results for Nameless Genetics’ Blueprint were not available.

Suzy Nguyen

Nameless Genetics’ Blueprint preroll left a lasting impression on me. At first toke, the preroll hit me with a potent punch of earthy-scented herbs. The preroll burned evenly through the session while distributing the same robust potency to everyone in the circle. The milky flavors offer a blend of herbal berries, balanced by earth-vanilla notes to deliver a savory taste. Blueprint honed my focus and made for stimulating conversation. I split from the session with no sense of time, but a full sense of relaxation. Nameless Genetics’ Blueprint is the perfect way to cap off a stressful day.

Andy Andersen

The Blueprint preroll from Nameless Genetics is silky-sweet, but its sweetness is far from overwhelming. Instead, this preroll offers an exceptionally light smoke and lingering herbal-berry taste that ended my easy-breezy, late-afternoon toke sesh on a high note.

For those who are extra-sensitive to harsh smoke, the Blueprint preroll is just right. I’m not necessarily harsh-averse, but I found myself perpetually satisfied with the smooth, subtle gentility of each hit. This was also the first preroll I’ve had in ages that burned evenly from start to finish. The high was fast-acting, alleviated tension in my head and neck, and put me on a nice, even cerebral flow for the rest of the evening.

With the Blueprint preroll, Nameless Genetics has created an experience that gracefully blends an uplifting-yet-relaxing high with a slow, seductive herbal sweetness.

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