Concentrate Review: Brass Monkey’s Alien OG Shatter Will Invade Your Mind and Body | Marijuana

Concentrate Review: Brass Monkey’s Alien OG Shatter Will Invade Your Mind and Body


Brass Monkey’s Alien OG Shatter is a heavy-hitting, indica-like extract. I was captivated by the swagger of its potent OG high and enticing bouquet of fresh lemons and pine. I strongly suggest these galactic, nug run dabs for those with an elevated tolerance to THC.

Brass Monkey is based in San Diego and specializes in creating delicious extracts. Made in boutique batches, Brass Monkey prides itself with many varieties of delicious concentrates.


These shiny slabs of opaque Alien OG have a semi-translucent quality. While the Alien OG Shatter looks like amber-fused plates of bubble encrusted glass, the wafer-thin pancake of trichomes and cannabinoids exhibit a glassy texture with a sappy consistency. The shatter has a stable snap-and-pull texture when stored at room temperatures, while the more brittle shatter effect comes into play when refrigerated for long-term storage.


Currently, I’m on the road and away from my normal dabbing tools, so I have a Healthstone hand pipe to the rescue. The Healthstone is an easy-to-use accessory that is perfect for the globe trotting dabber.

After applying a small dab of Alien OG on top of my Healthstone, I hit it with my torch until the glob of Alien OG dissipated into the dark abyss of the carbon-stone bowl.


Alien OG Shatter has a noteworthy lemon and pine flavor that’s typically found in your skillfully cultivated OGs. Alien OG is a hybridized byproduct of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush genetics, and in shatter form has managed to retain the parent strain’s sweet, lemon flavor profile. A Kush lovers dream come true, Alien OG Shatter left me feeling relaxed and blissful after two dabs.

The High

Brass Monkey’s Alien OG Shatter is a therapeutic extract with a Indica-centric kick. A motivational dab at 7:10 a.m. or a relaxing treat at 7:10 p.m., these tasty extracts work well at mitigating the occasional muscle spasms, soothing intractable pain, or just helping you get a good night of rest. Alien OG Shatter helped me foster a greater understanding of the hidden strength of simplicity and the power of humility.

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