Concentrate Review: Classic Concentrates’ Pink Berry is a Live Resin You Want to Swirl on Your Dab | Marijuana

Concentrate Review: Classic Concentrates’ Pink Berry is a Live Resin You Want to Swirl on Your Dab


Classic Concentrates’ Pink Berry Live Resin is the result of a compelling Southern California collaboration. These live resin dabs instill a positive, indica-like vibe and were cultivated by Apothecary Genetics and extracted by Classic Concentrates. The Pink Berry strain is thought to be the result of a cross-hybridization of the Pink Champagne and Blackberry strains and is dominated by their Indica genetics, according to, an online cannabis seed database.    

Classic Concentrates was originally founded in 2015 and has since focused its efforts on producing succulent shatters and zesty live resins, according to its website. Per May 2015 lab results, the most recent available by Coastal Analytical for Pink Berry Live Resin, these extracts contain 78.17 percent total THC.


Pink Berry Live Resin is a reddish-yellow sauce with the appearance of dried honey. Its miniaturized THC crystals appear moist and produce a crystallized mashup of terpenes and cannabinoids. Pink Berry Live Resin is another stellar example of today’s modern concentrates —  a terpy cure for those looking to mitigate physical discomfort and the occasional foul mood.


Pink Berry Live Resin dissolved in the trough of my ceramic e-nail, melting evenly and slowly as I pulled in the therapeutic vapors. My dab did what the average joint fails to do: relax my overstimulated mind. The dab was a sweet pleasure for the senses. After I hit and released the vaporized compounds, the high was both relaxing and inspired.


Pink Berry Live Resin tastes appreciably more satisfying than any fro-yo produced by a company with the same name. Sweet, floral, and loaded with grape flavor, these concentrates combine the heavy-hitting high of the Indica-like effects of Pink Champagne and the introspective mindset of the more balanced Hybrid-like Blackberry. When Pink Berry is vaporized and inhaled, the sweet grape flavor fills my mouth up before providing a floral exhale. A gratifying dab with a lingering flavor profile, Pink Berry Live Resin left an aftertaste of a hashy, grape flavored Kool-Aid on my tongue.

The High

Pink Berry immediately lowered my eyes and relieved tension. The remedial effects come from the synergistic working of both the terpenes and cannabinoids. A dab of Pink Berry Live Resin not only replaced my frustrated psyche with inspirational thoughts and excited energy, it also instilled a sense of deep contentment. From a medical standpoint, the Pink Berry Live Resin concentrates are believed to help mitigate stress, fatigue, and headaches.

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