Concentrate Review: Quality Concentrates Has a Platinum Hit with XJ-13 Crumble | Marijuana

Concentrate Review: Quality Concentrates Has a Platinum Hit with XJ-13 Crumble


XJ-13 Platinum Tier Crumble by Quality Concentrates combines the therapeutic effects of Jack Herer and G13 Haze, according to its Weedmaps brand listing. A Sativa-like crumble with an intriguingly sweet terpene profile, that seamlessly delivers a touch of citrus-flavored inspiration.

Based in California, Quality Concentrates has earned a lofty reputation in the 710 community. In 2016, the company took home trophies from the Southern California High Times Cannabis Cup and the Los Angeles Secret Cup.


The XJ-13 crumble has the consistency of a high-quality extract. Once liberated from its puck-shaped container, the khaki-colored crumble displayed its distinctive cavities and tunnels. But while the XJ-13 crumble has a dryish honeycomb texture, it still enjoys a malleable quality that allows for easy gathering on dabbing tools with a slight spoon on the end.


I found myself in a pinch and lacking the proper dabbing tools, so I opted to top a bowl of XJ-13 flower with the XJ-13 crumble — a XJ-13 double down seemed like a great way to utilize the crumble texture.

After sprinkling a generous amount of crumble on my bowl of buds, I lightly heated the crumble with a lighter to melt the crumble into the shredded flower. Once the waxy extract dissipated into my bowl of dissected nugs, I lit the edge of the bowl and slowly, and repeatedly, hit that bad boy until it was ash.


The combination bowl of XJ-13 crumble and XJ-13 flower had a decidedly tropical tang. As I allowed the velvety smoke to rest on my palate for a prolonged period of time, the combined flavors ignited my tongue’s taste buds with its tangerine and pine flavor. After slowly releasing the hit of XJ-13², l was floored by the complex lemon and mint flavors. The combo platter of a full-spectrum flower and the high-end wax increased the overall flavor profile.

The High

I found the high to be energetic and buoyant. Although some may see this technique as one of the more inefficient ways to consume concentrates, the XJ-13 Platinum Tier Crumble and XJ-13 flower combination to be a definite hit.

The elevated mindset from my mid-afternoon experiment created a definite shift in my sense of personal satisfaction. While many search for happiness by indulging in shopping sprees or chasing monetary success, my personal journey to contentment seems to be directly connected with access to good weed and high-quality concentrates.


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