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Concentrate Review: Synergy Tempts You With Forbidden Fruit Live Resin Budder


Synergy Concentrates’ Forbidden Fruit Live Resin Budder is a sinfully superior dab.

The succulent budder is believed to have inherited its unique flavor and powerful high from the genetic crossing of the Cherry Pie and Tangie strains, according to Synergy’s brand page on Weedmaps. A Indica-like extract with a buttery texture, the first dab tasted like a bite of fresh fruit from the tree of knowledge.

Synergy Concentrates is, as the name suggests, primarily focused on creating cannabis extracts. Established in 2014, the company collaborates with cultivators such as Crockett Family Farms and Big Smoky Farms, according to Synergy’s Instagram account.

And after a long day at the office and navigating bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way home, I was excited to roll up a twax joint and hoped to watch the Los Angeles Dodgers destroy the Boston Red Sox during Game 1 of the World Series. But while the Dodgers were a total disappointment, my chosen means of relaxation was absolutely on point.


Synergy’s Forbidden Fruit Live Resin Budder has a beige, creamy texture that is visually enticing. The glossy and tan complexion resembles a velvety-smooth peanut butter with a persuasive terpy radiance. Certainly the type of budder for a great dab or a good twaxing.


Ordinarily, I am inclined to dab today’s high-potency, flavorful concentrates. But since the first game of the World Series was on TV, I decided that buddering the tip of my Mega Wellness joint was a better option. With no dab rig or torch to fumble with, I hoped to sit back and watch as the Dodgers shellacked the Boston Red Sox. But after gently smearing a thin layer of budder at the tip of my rolling paper and twisting up the high-octane joint, I watched in dread as the Red Sox took the Dodgers to task.


Forbidden Fruit Live Resin Budder’s flavor profile tasted like a lemon-infused OG with subtle hints of pine cleaner and diesel. From the moment the twax joint was lit, the budder and bud combo transmitted a sweet and fruity explosion to my taste buds. Better than beer for chilling out and watching the game, my buddery joint was nothing short of pure fire.

The High

The high from my twaxy joint of Forbidden Fruit Live Resin Budder was welcome medicine for my perplexed mind. I managed to remain calm and composed even after watching the Dodgers get trounced by the Red Sox 8 to 4 during Game 1. As I watched my friends who fear weed and love beer get loud and obnoxious over the Dodgers’ defeat, I remained calm and focused on the series rather than an individual game. That said, if the Dodgers go on to get swept in the World Series, I may need to go back to the dispensary and get a couple more grams.


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