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How Much Does An Eighth Cost? Depends on Where You Live.


By, Valli Herman

How much is an eighth? Easy: 3.5 grams. How much is an eighth? Now that’s up for debate.

If you know how variable and volatile stock prices of publicly listed cannabis companies are, then you won’t be surprised by the wide range of prices for one of the most popular denominations of flower: one-eighth of an ounce, more commonly known as an eighth.

Eighths are equivalent to 3.5 grams, a quantity that offers a better value than the smallest denomination, a gram. Rolled up into several sizeable joints, an eighth can power a party or allow a consumer multiple tries of a new strain, unlike the gone-in-a-puff gram. But how much do they cost?

The ever-variable price of an eighth is subject to many variables, including the usual supply and demand, but also the patchwork of regulations governing dispensaries, products, testing, and delivery.

Analysts at Weedmaps, the international listing service for dispensaries and their products, selected a representative sample of American cities and compiled the average price of all currently published menu-item eighths. This snapshot of average prices in October shows a low of $29.06 in Denver, and a high of $59.29 in Washington D.C.


See how your city compares, below:


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  1. Scott, you may have bee conned! Best send me a sample joint and I’ll tell you if its real Blue Dream; just to be sure!

  2. Robin Unzicker on

    I live in Maryland where we have only had medical marijuana for roughly 11 months, I’ve watched prices for the past 11 months , drop. It’s just a matter of a few years before Maryland starts to see Price is like Seattle and Denver … we have a few cultivating labs up the road from me , gLeaf is the best in Maryland

  3. At first I thought the numbers were high for Denver until I considered the average.
    This seems correct to me. I can find eighths for $15 before tax in Denver… without PM :’)

    Anytime I research other legal state, calling out of state dispensaries and also I’ve worked in the CA industry, it’s always more expensive.

    WA State doesn’t charge Med patients tax!
    That’s legit 🙂
    Otherwise Colorado is King.
    Our system, though greatly flawed is the most fluid so far, leading to reduced pricing that’s affordable for anyone.

    Denver is now turning into the new California x_X

  4. Ugh yea right… im in wasilla Ak and it can be as high as $67 for 3.5g that has a thc value anywhere between 16% and the highest ive seen on buds in the state is like 27%. I’ll have to venture out when i travel for comparison but im pretty sure that MatSu Valley takes the highest in price. And then add another 5% onto the price tag for taxes. Its just a nightmare, that makes you hold onto your local neighborhood pot dealer for cost effectiveness.

  5. Oh and lastly, after 5+ years in the CO MJ Industry the WORST customers are always from CA :’)
    The rudest, most snobby, ghetto mf-ers.
    Our weed is more dry because it doesn’t have PM and it’s grown and stored in a dry climate mmmmmkay 😉
    No CO Budtender wants some janky ass Californian in their shop talking California this, CA that. You would think Denver would have more snobs but this is not the case at all.
    Go back to your shanty towns with your SMOG weed 🙅🏼‍♀️😂

  6. I can get $15 eights in Colorado Springs After taxes. All Med shops here so you need a card. Average is $20+taxes if you don’t search for deals around the 150 Medical dispensaries here.

  7. I am in anchorage and have found it as low as 40 an 1/8th not so good up to 80 an 1/8 th reeal good. I just keep growing my own till taxes get fixed. 50 an ounce off the top for growers. Prices can only go so low or growers loose money.


  8. The chart is not “the cheapest 1/8 you can find”, it is the average. Takes into account 1/8s of shake and 1/8s of top shelf and 1/8s of everything in between. AVERAGE.

  9. I’ve gotten $50 ounces in Washington , but that was last year . Here in Illinois , an 8th of Medical Cannabis is $50 – $70 , Medical Topshelf runs anywhere from $70 – $100 , freaking ridiculous .

  10. Andrew Hermann on

    $40 -$50 an OZ here in Salem, Oregon. The prices can definitely go up from there though. It’s decent at those prices, but if you want some super fire, $60-$80 will be enough for an oz. extracts are as low as $10 a gram at dispensaries. I have a medical card that seems to take roughly $10 off of an oz. prices are pretty crazy here.

    • Andrew Hermann on

      You can definitely pay a lot more though! You will still find amazing stuff for the prices I listed though. Those aren’t the prices everywhere here . It’s definitely not hard to find for these prices. We have dispensaries on ever street corner. Just a little research and you’ll get what you want.

    • Yup, in Bend Oregon you can get an OZ for $72 of the highest quality, I’ve seen shops with $1 grams with an ad you bring in, specials are sick in Bend. Lot of places sell $10 eighths, just call around.
      I live half the year in Maine too where prices average $25-$40 an eighth but lots of times you can find a $20 1/4.

  11. Damn you all must be smoking some stress I’ve been smoking for 20 yrs had my med card when first came out and $200 oz is the cheapest your getting some fire for here in Los Angeles I don’t care wtf you say if your paying less your smoking garbage and $10 a g of wax your smoking butane you cheap fuks you get what you pay for There are reasons why it’s cheap filled with pesticides/mold / fertilizers that’s why it’s cheap morons and that’s coming from a grower take it or leave it

    • Nah. You are just over paying homie. Lol you are one of those ppl who get mad because you can get bud cheaper without sacrificing quality. Plus with a higher quantity available in this day and age. Maybe you are smoking pesticides, because you sound very idiotic. Or you are probably just an old ass fart. Cheer up old man. Times have changed:)

  12. Lol right… I have a 20 plant grow room dickface god people are dumb I’m trying to help stupid people like you “homie” try doing some research before you run your mouth just because a shop tells you something don’t mean shit your going to ghetto shops that arent even legal weed shops moron you think it’s regulated? Lol you think they test any of it? Hahaha your a idiot

  13. In the Monterey Bay area, an eight will cost you anywhere from $35.00 to $60.00 in every dispensary, depending upon THC content. The higher the THC content, the higher the price. Outrageous!

  14. Harry Sack O’ Balls on

    I feel for everyone who lives in those ignorant states, cough KANSAS cough cough, and have to pay $250 for the same 14g of Durban Poison that I can now buy for $55 after tax. As I smoke this blunt, I’ll be thinking of those who are forced to have to deal with so much shit just to get a bag of weed.

  15. If you live near colorado springs and have a med card check out the apotheke. 22$ quarters for medical non members, and its fire. That makes my 1/8ths 12$ tax included.

  16. Detroit has super competitive prices! Several dispensaries have excellent selections of $20 & $25 1/8’s. It’s obviously not flower only that’s priced reasonably. Many dispensaries offer 4 1 gram cartridges for $100 as well. I get at least half-dozen texts a day offering me specials.
    So Denver may (or may not) have the lowest average but individual daily deals are pretty hard to beat. Wait till we vote 🗳 in recreational marijuana next week (we are medical marijuana only today). I’ll bet prices fall even further!

  17. Whatever the hell I pay, I’m happy as a pig rolling in slop. Then again, I smoked nasty brick weed with only 8% THC back in the 60’s….and did it while looking over my shoulder for the police. Nowadays, I pick up the phone and have someone drive a bag of 22% THC weed to my house. No complaints about prices from me!

  18. Here in Lake Tahoe we only have one dispensary and it’s $65.00 for an 1/8!!!!!! Sacramento too! I’m growing my own now….screw these prices

  19. Yo, Josh is right, Maine is a great state for bud deals, mad fluctuations in price though. Seen $280 OZ’s and $100 OZ’s of the same grade!
    More expensive if you get it dropped off delivery, $12.50-$45 an eighth. Lots of great “caregiver” growers will give you 2.5OZ’s of kick ass quality for $200 or less though.

  20. Las Vegas prices for an eighth are some of the highest in the country. Reportedly demand outstripping supply. I would personally never pay Las Vegas prices for bud. Consumers should exercise their power and refuse to pay these outrageous prices.

  21. We have three plus one more dispensary coming. But the average prices are very competitive around here. When new dispensary opens up their prices will be quite higher right now for an eighth out here, in Monterey County with cost of $59 depending on the strain and the THC quality, plus you’re also paying for packaging just like any consumer that pays for anything from a store.

  22. I just thought about something. If you use your loyalty points, you can score a pretty good deal on the price for an eighth. depending on your loyalty points, as well as the dispensary, if they have that policy.

  23. If you go to the farmer’s market in Washington, you can get ½ ounces between $30 and $40. The farmers market is only available to patients with a medical card.

  24. Brenda Pannell on

    Well I got better smoke from my dealer in another state than I get in California and cheaper. I could get an ounce easy for 200.00 flat any day. So we move to California and I’m so excited until I get to the dispensaries. Of course I shopped around to many stores and found the same averages. Some are cheaper than the other but the prices they’ve put on pot is outrageous!!!! 57.00 for premo 1/8. Give me a freakin break! A preroll, it’s a damn joint! $15-20 dollars plus this 28% tax, California is sucking on the retailing of pot! Their getting rich off the fruits of A God given plant. I found some for 27-29 1/8 which is ok smoke. I’ve found some ounces for 200 a pop still the smoke is so-so here in California. I gotta go home to get good smoke and cheaper pricing.

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